Winning the Gold!

My dear husband suggested that I do a post about Income Taxes, can you tell what he’s been doing lately? I really wasn’t sure how exciting of a post I could make around that subject so I think I will pass. But if you happen to be in the middle of doing Income taxes then I hope my post brings a little smile break to you.

It is that time again, time for the Winter Olympics! I enjoy watching it and seeing the joy in the faces of the athletes. The thrill of their dreams being fulfilled after long years of hard work and dedication. I do admire their tremendous work and skill.

I know that I will never be a contender in the Olympics, there really is no chance! Not unless they would create a different sport. I am not sure what sport that would be but it would have to be unique!

I may not be a competitor in the Olympics but I do participate in this Game of Life and some days are Gold Medal days and then some days are days that I land face first in the snow.

One thing I know is that whether I feel like I am flying high in the air from a high jump; or lying flat on the ice, I can always count on my family and friends!

So if you always secretly wished that you could stand on the podium and receive a medal let me help you out.

If you have ever been there to help lend a helping hand, shown kindness to a stranger and made someone feel special then Congrats you won!

If you have sat in the dark with your friend, and held the light for them as they walked through the tunnel then Congrats you won!

If you have shown love to an animal, then Congrats you won!

You won the Gold! You may not have the medal to wear around your neck but you should carry the feeling of joy and love in your heart. For we can’t give to others without it splashing back on us and I can’t think of any better feeling.

36 thoughts on “Winning the Gold!

  1. Well, this is a very uplifting post. I’ve often thought I’m gonna exit this world having accomplished nothing. But reading this I realized that I’ve held out a helping hand many times over the years. Anonymously when possible. I would never have compared it with the Olympics, but I must say your post made me smile and feel better about ME! Thanks! I think you just earned a Gold Medal! Lol.

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    • Aww! You have made me so happy that I wrote this post. Now I have the chance to tell you that you definitely haven’t accomplished nothing!
      I don’t know you besides from reading your comments but you make me smile every time and for that I thank you!
      I am so glad that my post uplifted you for you deserve it. Sounds like you have had a big heart over the years as you have lent a helping hand and YES that is more important than any medal that you could win at the Olympics. Touching the lives of others is the BEST!


  2. Some days I feel like I need a medal for having dealt with certain difficult people…. but at the end you help others, and do your best to be kind and considerate and it might not be a medal you get, but a great sense of satisfaction of being a decent person.

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  3. Good Gold Medal achievements there, and as for taxes? What we all have to acknowledge is that the government services we receive are all heavily supported by our taxes. That covers health plans, pension plans, infrastructure (sewer/water/hydro/streets/highways/airports/docks) and much more. The situation in Greece a few years ago, where everybody was trying to avoid paying taxes and also complaining about the lack of government services showed a severe education problem re how government programs are funded. We should be happy to pay our taxes in order to support the services received.

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