A Night of Singing

There is a song in my heart. My hubby and I are soon off for a night out. Going out to eat and then will see “The Greatest Showman.” I am so excited!

This is one movie that I have heard Sooo many rave reiews about! Brad and I are ready to go and see what kind of review we will give it! Have you seen it?

What’s most important though regardless of what we do, is just being out on a date with the one I love!

I firmly believe that it’s just as important and maybe even more so, to continue “dating” the one you love no matter how many years that you have been together! You have to keep that flame alive.

Yes the flame needs to be kept alive by more than just “dates” but they are one fun way to do it.

However you are spending your night or possibly day where you are, hope you are enjoying it!

If you are really happy, Sing! I hear that there is a lot of music in this movie which is another reason I am looking forward to it.

Apparently the songs have become so popular that they are doing a special “Sing Along” showing of it at one theater. My friend is going tonight. She has already seen it once. Another friend has seen it 3x, this is what piques my curiosity even more. Another one has seen it 5x!!

There are many movies that I have really enjoyed but not a whole lot that I like to watch and rewatch again. Especially to go to a theater and pay to rewatch it!

The Sound of Music is one movie that I have seen countless times and I continue to watch it. I just love Maria, the story and the awesome music! I do not expect this to compare with Sound of Music. That is a classic. If it even just comes close to it then it will for sure be pretty amazing!!

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