A Silly, Smiley Saturday

I thought it was time again for some cute, fun animal pictures and as always feel free to comment on what you think is going through their minds!  Would you also like to give your opinion on what my family was discussing today?  How many of you would love to have a pot bellied pig for a pet?  They are said to be smarter than dogs and very easy to train! What do you think?  Remember how cute Wilbur was in Charlotte’s Web? 🙂



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23 thoughts on “A Silly, Smiley Saturday

  1. I think that anybody who is considering adopting a pot bellied pig should research it very carefully (as they should any pet). Apparently shelters are recording a high level of pot bellied pigs being turned in due to their demands on their owners! They may be cute… but they are also (apparently) very demanding.


  2. 1. Ok kids, remember, you have to project your voices so people in the audience can hear the
    words of the song from way in the back of the auditorium.

    2. Oh! Dear. I have static cling!

    3. Ewwwwww, what the heck kind of cat food is this?

    I love pot bellied pigs, but I don’t want to own one. Cats and dogs for me!! 😀


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