Sitting and Waiting

“I’m hungry”… Yes, that is what my stomach has been saying to me a lot lately! Even though its not really hungry, it just thinks it is!

My physical activity has been very limited  due to my hurt knee.  So why is it that when we are sitting around we decide that we need to be eating something too?

I am taking suggestions for healthy snacks.  I believe my body will thank me later for not eating a whole bag of potato chips, but hey chocolate does have health benefits, right?

As for my knee, the Dr. has reached a diagnosis.  A injured plica.  Its a tiny part of your knee that is like a strand of spaghetti.  It may be tiny but it can cause trouble!  Especially when walking or trying to go down stairs. The knee pops and it feels like its going to buckle on me.  A very weird, painful feeling.

Fortunately it is something that can be fixed fairly easily.  I had a cortisone shot and I am supposed to give that 7-10 days to work. If that doesn’t work then I will most likely have arthroscopic surgery done.  So there is a light in sight.  May take longer than 7-10 days to see it, but it will come!

In the meantime I have plenty that I can do while sitting.  Reading, writing, editing, and the list goes on.  I can still fold laundry too. Oh yay!  I can go out with friends to eat, which I just did today.  Yes, there is that food thing again, but I had healthy food this time.  Grilled chicken and salad.

I can also still cry while sitting and watching “This is Us”  That show is everything that people were telling me it was.  A powerful drama.  “The Good Doctor” is another very good show.  I just found out that “The Good Doctor” is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.  That was cool to learn, considering that I have a dear friend from there.  I will pay more attention to the the outdoor shots now.

Time will heal and before I know I will probably be back to running again.  Wait a minute, I don’t run! I will be back to long walks again, until then … I will be grateful that at least its not both of my knees that are affected and I will wish for snow.  Watch the beauty of the falling snow as I “patiently” wait for my knee to heal.


29 thoughts on “Sitting and Waiting

  1. Glad to hear the end is in sight! Now snacks – My nutritionist said low fat cheese is good, or how about celery with peanut butter? Stay away from granola bars, they are loaded with sugar and high in fat.
    Now – chocolate – it should be dark chocolate, in fact the darker the better. In fact I go for the range of 72% or even 86% cocoa. It will taste bitter at first but it has much less sugar. The higher the cocoa the lower the sugar. Check out the labels on the back – the difference between the super dark and regular chocolate is amazing!

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    • I love cheese! Any kind, except goat cheese. 🙂 Yes, celery and peanut butter is good, just gets me thirsty!
      Dark chocolate is definitely better tasting than milk chocolate and better for you. A win win! 🙂 I don’t care for the super dark though. A little too bitter.

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  2. You have answered the question that I meant to ask when commenting on Tuesday’s Thoughts! The good part is that now you know exactly what needs to heal, the not as good part is that it still requires waiting. “Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself.” – St. Francis de Sales. Hunger is the beast that lurks within, just waiting for our inattention to pounce and destroy the best intentions. Even healthy snacks become unhealthy when moderation is not practiced. That said…I prefer the moderation of dark chocolate to carrot sticks any day! Thank-you and continue the healing!

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    • You are very right, its so much better for me to know then to be wondering what is wrong, especially when you know something is obviously wrong due to the pain you have.
      OH yes Dark chocolate is the best. I do like carrot sticks, but dark chocolate rules. 🙂
      Brad’s grandma loves her dark chocolate!!


  3. If you like dates, may I recommend dates bars with coconut. Not too sweet, and quite healthy. It’s becoming my go-to snack lately (along with nuts). Low glycemic snacks with no preservatives will serve you best while you’re convalescing. Hope the knee feels better soon.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about your knee Joy, I hope the pain is much lesser now and you can be more mobile with the knee…
    haha, I am on an unhealthy eating spree this January 😂, I’m afraid, I wont be able to offer much healthy tips


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