Sharing the Rain

colorish-eye-watercolor-painting-svenja from Pinterest, name of artist not mentioned.

                                                                           Sharing the Rain

The rain was gently falling as the worn Mother looked out from the window of her son’s hospital room.

His Mother wished that she could fall asleep and not feel the stabbing pain in her heart. Unfortunately sleep was evading her,  even though the moon was full in the sky.  She sighed as her heart clenched.

Her son was in a coma, in critical condition. The Doctor’s said there was swelling on his brain and  the prognosis was grim.

The car had came out of nowhere and ran the red light.  Hitting her son head on.  The other driver had died instantly.  The screams of the other Mother still echo in her head as she looks out into the dark night.  They both were in the Emergency Room together when their sons were brought in.  She shed tears for the other Mom knowing full well that the screams could have been coming from her.  Her son could have been the one covered completely with a sheet.

The Mother looks at her sleeping son once again and breathes another prayer.  She walks out into the silent hallway to the vending machine to get something to drink, and to get some air.

She gets her drink and turns to walk back and then she sees her.  She sees the other Mother sitting in a chair with a vacant stare, as silent tears are running down her cheeks.

Her heart is tugged and she sits down on the other chair and gently takes the Mother’s hand in hers.

No words are uttered as the 2 Mothers grieved.  As their hearts meshed together in shared brokenness.  The Mother of the one who caused the accident and the Mother of  the one fighting for their life as a result of the accident.  Tonight  they were just the Mothers of two loved sons.   Tonight they were one.  Two  women in sorrow.  Two women in pain, sharing life’s rain.

23 thoughts on “Sharing the Rain

  1. No shame, no blame…just a sharing of grief by two injured souls. Beautifully written story filled with poignancy. An amazing piece of art that is the perfect accompaniment too. Tried to decipher the artist signature, without success. Thank-you!

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    • Exactly, no blame! This was fiction, but i am sure it happens, where the 2 parents meet in the hall and it has to be so hard. But both of them are in deep pain, they both have tears to shed. I am glad the poignancy came across. Thanks as always for your words.


  2. A colleague’s child was killed in a head on collision exactly a month ago today. The wake was hell but it was nothing compared to what the parents are going through. Your post is beautiful and sad. That wake haunts me and as much as I’ve tried to write about it, I can’t find the words yet. Thanks for this post!

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  3. you wrote each one of the sorrows very precisely and eloquently. My pain runs very deep and stories like this don’t make me sad on the contrary it gives beauty to my son’s life cut short in his glory and i am thankful for people like you Carolyn who can empathise and be so kind with words over difficult times.

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