Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good afternoon!  The brightness of the snow is shining in the window and Yanni is playing on the stereo.  Peacefulness.  Hope that your New Year’s is off to a great start!  What mark do you want to leave on 2018?

Do you have a traditional meal that you eat on New Year’s?  I know that  a lot of people eat Pork and Sauerkraut, are you one of them?  I can handle Sauerkraut better than I could before, but it is still far from being one of my favorite foods!  For those of you who do like Sauerkraut I have a question.  My husband saw in the paper this weekend that there was a place that was selling Sauerkraut ice cream!  How does that sound to you?  Would you try it?  The article said that they were serving lots of customers.  It is vanilla ice cream with Sauerkraut piled on top of it.  I think I will pass!

Hope that these quotes help to start 2018 off on the right note for you!  Have a great day!

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28 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. No.3 – A very perceptive lady! So many people simply complain, but do nothing about making anything change.
    Didn’t you Post a short time ago “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” ? Of course it is so much easier to do nothing .. and then complain, or do the Trump thing…. blame everybody else for all the problems, but that solves absolutely nothing.
    I am a great believer that (example) if you want people to be friendly, then you have to be friendly…. and it works extremely well!

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  2. Sauerkraut is OK.
    But I’m not about to request it as an ice cream topping. 😀

    On New Year’s Day, I often make Black-Eyed Peas, Sautéed Greens, and Cornbread. I didn’t this year. Hope that doesn’t mean that I’m in for an unlucky year. 😀

    I like #8. Here’s to loving ourselves!

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    • Oh at last I meet someone that actually eats Black-eyed peas. 🙂 I have never tried them. I do love cornbread though.
      I think you are allowed to miss one year without worrying about bad luck. 🙂
      Yes. To loving ourselves! ❤


  3. I don’t cook something special for the new year, but this year i didn’t feel like cooking anything which was cheered by my teens who hurried to order food but we forgot its new year and few shops would have delivery service that night, but my boys didn’t give up and we had our dinner at 10 pm.
    Wonderful quotes, i like them
    Wishing you all the best,


  4. So many awesome quotes! We don’t have any real new year traditions or meals. I’ve never had sauerkraut but something tells me I wouldn’t like it. (I know- I sound like a kid now, don’t I?)
    Happy New Year! 🙂

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  5. YUCK to the sauerkraut-topped ice cream! They probably sold a lot of it though, because kids would have been daring each other to eat it. As for the quotes, #5 is my favorite. Here’s to a bouncy New Year (and yes, phooey to acting our age, too).

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    • You are probably right about the daring going on and because some were probably just plain curious. I am a curious person, but….nope I can handle not knowing how that combination tastes!
      Number 5 made me smile and think of Tigger 🙂 “Tiggers love to bounce!’


  6. I somehow deleted my comment and will attempt at recreating, I know that you must be breathless with anticipation! Growing up in Pennsylvania meant Pork and Sauerkraut every New Year’s Day. I don’t believe that I’ve had it since moving to Rhode Island, an unknown gastronomical experience here! On ice cream…I’ll pass! Tuesday’s Thoughts contains many ideas to ponder upon and smile about. I just shared #2 on Monday, it is a favorite of mine. I found it years ago on January’s page of a calendar that was filled with lovely quotes, which is why I chose that one (of course). #1 and #3 are favorites too! Thank-you! P.S. Love Yanni, especially his “Winter Light” that I play endlessly all through the year!

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    • LOL! I always anticipate your comments. 🙂 So yes, I am glad that rewrote it after the computer deleted your first draft!
      I guess the Pork and Sauerkraut really is more of a Pennsylvania tradition. I always remember having it. I would eat the Pork, not the Sauerkraut!
      Number 2 helps to make you start the day with the right attitude! 🙂
      Ahh! Good taste in music. 🙂 I was listening to Snowfall. We have a DVD of one of his concerts too that is relaxing to watch.


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