The Tricky Reindeer

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Decided that we can’t end this year without knowing how Jinx and Jangle’s first trip with their own team of reindeer went.  Did they make it back to the North Pole again?  If you missed their most recent story where their dream at last comes true. Here is the link.  The Magical Night  Enjoy!

Jinx and Jangle were taking a break, letting the reindeer rest some from their long journey.  They were so happy with themselves.  They had really made it to all the houses, well at least they were hoping they did!  It so happened that  a certain someone forgot the map!  There were no left over gifts, so they were feeling confident that they hadn’t missed anyone.  Jinx had to admit that he was impressed with Jangle’s sense of direction.

“You had me worried there at first,  when you said you didn’t have the map Jangle!”

“I had told you that it would be fine, I had looked the map over and memorized it.  I have a great memory when it comes to directions.”

“Yes, you proved that!  I won’t underestimate you again.  Sure am glad that you did, for I certainly had no clue where we were supposed to go.” replied Jinx.

“Hey Jangle, where did my sandwich go?  My special Potato Chip sandwich. Did you take it?”

Jangle had his mouth full. so could not answer right away.  He was eating a Nutella and Jelly sandwich.  He didn’t need to answer though,  the culprit soon showed itself.  You could hear him smacking his lips.

“I think we know what happened to your sandwich,”  Jangle said as he laughingly pointed at one of the reindeer.

The reindeer was grinning and Jinx shook his head, that reindeer had been nothing but trouble since they had started this trip!  It didn’t help that he couldn’t remember his name and the other reindeer wouldn’t help.  They found it humorous to watch the 2 banter back and forth.

The reindeer had kept snatching Jinx’s special hat off his head when Jinx wasn’t looking. One time he had scooped the hat off Jinx’s head and then lowered it into the snow before plopping it back on his head again.  Everyone had laughed at that!  Well everyone but Jinx.  Jangle was trying to hold in his laughter, but he hadn’t been too successful.

Well the witty reindeer might think he was winning, but Jinx had a plan.

He walked over to the reindeer and asked if he enjoyed the sandwich. The reindeer shook his head as he smiled.

“Hmm..well I guess since you are probably all filled up now, you don’t care to have any of these special treats that Santa sent along?”

The witty reindeer looked at Jinx as he said, ” Oh I have plenty of room for the special treats, Santa always send delicious ones!”

“No, I am afraid you had your special treat already, these are for the other GOOD reindeer!  I am sure they won’t mind dividing up your share.”  Jinx winked as he turned around with the bag of goodies and started handing them out to the others.

“Ha Ha Jinx, you are bluffing!  I’ll get my treat, I am not worried!”

He watched Jinx go around with the bag a third time and this made him start to feel a little uneasy!

“Hey Jinx I will tell you my name if you bring some of those treats over here!”

“Sorry,  you are too late!  Oh your friends are really licking their lips, these treats must be pretty special this year!”  All the reindeer started nodding their heads in agreement.

Then the witty reindeer saw Jinx walking his way with the bag and he called out. ” See, I told you that you were bluffing. I knew you would give in. ”

“Oh how you underestimate me my friend,  one thing you need to remember, I never bluff!”

In saying this Jinx opened the bag up the whole way  for the reindeer to see.  To the reindeer’s dismay it was totally empty!  There wasn’t even a crumb, but ooooh he could smell what had been inside the bag.  The smell made his tongue salivate.

“Nice smell, eh!” laughed Jinx.  ” Hey, I just got a great idea,” Jinx said,

“Jangle do you still have that spare piece of rope that we had, bring it over here please.”

“Sure thing, but why do you want a piece of rope?  What is that brain of yours up to?”

It didn’t take long until Jangle saw Jinx’s idea and he couldn’t help but laugh, all the other reindeer laughed as well!  Well almost all,  there was one reindeer not laughing, but Jinx sure was!

“Now you can smell that great aroma all the way back to the North Pole. See how nice I am to you!”

Jinx had tied the big bag around the reindeer’s neck.

The reindeer had to admit that he had underestimated this crazy elf!  He saw that he had met his match!  But that’s Okay, he was up for a challenge.  Jinx may have won this time, but there was a New Year coming.  It would be full of opportunities for him to get one over on the sly elf.  Who knew what would happen!

“Ready to go everyone!  Does everyone have their bellies nice and full?”  Jinx directed his gaze at the one particular reindeer as he smirked at him and the reindeer just rolled his eyes in reply.

“Okay Jangle lead the way!”  Off they went, all excited to get home and show everyone that they had made a successful trip!  The perfect ending to the year.  Yes, indeed!

20 thoughts on “The Tricky Reindeer

  1. Benjamin will love this story about his two favorite elves! Jinx and Jangle are clever, but they best not underestimate that reindeer’s games. Thank-you for another delightful elf adventure! Enjoy the remainder of this Old Year as it turns into a New Year filled with Promise and Peace!


  2. Benjamin wants to say that he loves this Jinx and Jangle story. He does think that they should share their food with the reindeer because “you are supposed to share”! He also says : “Thank-you Joy”!

    Liked by 1 person

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