Sharing Your Story….

We all have a story to tell,  and isn’t that what blogging is all about.  Letting your story out.  Recently I read some emotional posts by bloggers who are struggling with hard things and my heart went out to them.  Blogging is so many things,  but one of the most important things is how it gives you a chance to share your story.  A chance to be honest and to tell about the good, the bad and the ugly!

In the early stages of my  blogging I was walking towards a black tunnel.  I had just started walking towards it.  I had seen it in the distance and was trying to deny that I really was going to have to walk through it.  I wrote in a safe way for me at the time.  I couldn’t admit to myself what was happening, much less admit it to the blogging world.  A new world that I had become part of.

I may not have been spelling out my story in detail, not sharing the journey I was walking, but the writing was helping me to cope.   It was helping me to come to grips with what was really happening.   It was helping me to have an outlet for my pain and confusion,  and helping to show me how my gift of writing brought healing to my heart.

As days, weeks, months and time went by I felt the magic of blogging in my heart.  Not only was it an outlet for my pain.  Not only did it help me become bolder and with gentle nudges help me to honestly share my story.  It helped me to let my heart bleed as the words came pouring out.  It also helped fill my heart with rewarding  JOY!

Blogging has stretched me and has taught me.

Sharing the hard stories is something I don’t regret.  I don’t regret the fun ones either, for humor is great medicine for the heart and humor will always have a place on my blog.

Why am I writing this?  What moved me tonight?  Was it the other posts I read?  The tragic, but inspiring story that I saw on TV.  Is it because its the end of the year and my heart is pondering all of the strong emotions I have been through this year.

How it has been a time of hurting and of  healing,  a time of  forgiveness and of  letting go.  A time of moving forward.  It has been a journey that many of you have walked with me through.  A story that you all became part of in your own ways and how you have touched me.

I also was thinking of the stories that have been shared with me.  How I have been privileged to be able to walk with some of you through some of  your heartfelt stories.

My mind was dwelling on all of those things,  as I was sitting in the peacefulness of my Christmas lights.  Then I started listening to songs on the computer.  I just let the computer play whatever song popped up.  A special song popped up and my heart was stirred with the need to write.

The song was a song that I first heard on my friend’s blog when they shared it in a blog post awhile back.   It struck a chord in my heart when I heard it.  There was something about the intensity that the vocalist put behind her powerful words that touched my heart deeply.

I think we all can identify with the song lyrics.   It has to do with relationships and sharing your story.   Not just about the romantic relationships,  but I believe it can pertain to all kinds of special relationships.  About being there for the other person as  they drop their mask and share their story.   May you be touched by the song,  whether this is your first time hearing it, or whether you have listened to it many times.

Most of all I hope you continue to share your stories!  In sharing our stories we never know who we may touch, who may very well need our words to help them breathe again. Our words may be the key in helping them  know that they are not alone.

Yes, I know I have said “Thank You” before,  but my heart is full.  Isn’t that what happens at the end of the year.  You get all sentimental about the past year.  Yes, I know it doesn’t take the end of the year for me to get sentimental.

I want to offer once again my  sincere thanks to all the ones that have listened to my stories, the ones who  have cried with me.  Whose tears I have felt mesh against my cheeks and the ones whose tears I have felt through their words!  The ones who made me smile and laugh with their humor,  even when it was raining in my heart.  The ones who kept the laughter coming and who continue too!   The ones who always have hugs to share, whether through a real embrace or once again through the magic of their words.

Happy New Year to all of you!  Wishes for a year that brings you many wonderful things and wishes to continue to grow closer as we share our stories.   I love how we can come together from all different parts of the world, and form such a caring community!  Share your story.  We are listening and we care.



22 thoughts on “Sharing Your Story….

  1. I know what you mean. I’ve found blogging an outlet to express my worries, concerns, and frustrations and in doing so discovered creativity, insight, observation and support. It’s now a part of my life more than a passing interest. Thank you everyone.

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  2. Back at you! Yes, I’ve learned so much about “life,” reading the blogs that contain the joys and travails of my blogging friends. We share our hurt and our love, our fears and our cheers. I honor YOU and your blog and our connection. Thank you for this beautiful post. ❤

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