Friday’s Super Short Stories!

It can be the smallest things you say or do that can speak the loudest to the heart.

Met as strangers….shared our souls…..the bond of a fabulous friendship formed.

Sometimes jewels can be hidden in what appears to be the messiest of messes!

A extra bonus this week, since its the week of Christmas.  I was “chatting” with a blogger friend yesterday saying how nice it would be to travel the world visiting my blogger friends.  Sharing cups of coffee together.  Let’s “travel” a little now.  If we were having coffee,  what is something you would like to talk about or do?  Do you have a special question you would like to ask?  Leave your answers in the comments below and if you do ask a question, I promise I will answer it.  I will go make the coffee awhile. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • Thank you dear!
      My job was going well until I hurt my knee somehow. Seeing the orthopedic Dr today to hopefully get some answers and relief.
      The book is still in the editing phrase, so excited for it , but I keep telling myself that good things are worth the wait!! And we know that this book is a very good thing! 🙂

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    • I had a cortisone shot in the knee. Feels really strange now, snuggling up in my blanket on the couch tonight. I do have arthritis in the knee but the DR is concerned that I may have torn my meniscus. We will see if the cortisone shot helps and go from there. Next step would be an MRI.
      Thanks for your thoughts!

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      • Thanks Jodi! Yes, it is a nice time for family time and as I snuggle on the couch in my blanket I can now look at the beautiful snow we got last night! Did you get some too?
        The pain isn’t too bad. At times sharper pain can fly in, but for the most part it is bearable. My heating pad helps. 🙂 The Dr says I can ice it too. But you know heat feels so much better. LOL!


  1. I would start by asking about you and your family and the healing of your hearts. Love our chats, both short and long, and hope to have one face to face sooner than later!

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    • Thank you Judy! I plan to rest it all week-end! I don’t think I will be dancing the night away on New Year’s Eve! LOL! But that’s Okay, we usually just have yummy food and games, and both of them don’t require being on your feet. 🙂
      I had a cortisone shot today. I do have some arthritis in it, but the Dr is afraid that I have a torn miniscus. We will see if the cortisone shot works, next step is a MRI. I know how to end the year with a bang! But hey at least I have time now to read all my good books. 🙂

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  2. if we were having coffee, I’d tell you that you are really a Joy! reading your posts uplift me. and I am not a naturally nosy person but as the conversation flows i get more courage to ask questions. I’d probably ask you what your favourite book is (besides all the cute animal stories you have!), a book that made you think differently after you read it. I am on my first cup here on the equator, it’s a beautiful balmy morning.

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    • OH you fill my heart with warmth. So glad that you can find my posts uplifting! I would love to have coffee with you!
      My favorite book? That is a hard question. There is a quote I just heard last week that my friend shared. ” I don’t have one favorite book, I have hundreds!”
      Maybe not hundreds that I would say are my favorite, but lots that would fall into the category of making me think and ponder things. I will get back to you with some names. 🙂 What books would you consider your favorites?
      Have a beautiful day! Thanks for adding sunshine to mine with your comment.

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      • then we have a common bond , i love books and also have many favourites. but one book I always go back to is Wildwood by John Farris, it’s deep and set in a very mystical part of the Applachian woods, I loaned it out and never got it back, still looking for a copy, bought it on my travels many years ago. i read a lot of young Adult so John Green and Krystal Sunderland are my favourites. A favourite classic is Cormack McCarthy and Paulo Coelho. You have a sweet day too wherever you are. I am blessed by your words. Here in Malaysia its a new morning and I am off to a afternoon tea later with my book club. we discuss a local author, a book that made me cry for all the memories it brought back of my life growing up on Penang Island.

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        • Wonderful about a common bond. I knew I liked you. 🙂
          I never heard of that boom but will have to look it up. I do like Paulo Coelho. The other authors are new to me. There are just so many wonderfu books out there .

          The Authors that have made me ponder and think deep thoughts are Jodi Picoult, Karen Kingsbury, Max Lucado, J.R R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Etc.
          I also love Nicholas Sparks books and for light reading Elin Hildebrand I recently have found and enjoyed.
          There are also the authors who I have only read one book by them was you touched greatly.
          I think that is so cool that you are from Malaysia. Wow! The power of technology. Never dreamed I would be talking with someone from Malaysia .
          I am from the USA. I live in Pennsylvania. Have you ever been to the US?
          Hope you had a wonderful tea yesterday and enjoyed your book club.
          Blessings to you! Happy New Year! Looking forward to conversing more in 2018!

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          • i read a lot of Jodi Picoult she is brilliant and finds a way around difficult stories. oh and Max Lucado is where I get a lot of my sunday school devotions from. it’s amazing what technology has done for us these days. I had a pen pal during my school days , she lived in Harrisburg, PA but we lost touch. I have traveled to a few places in the US and my younger sister currently lives in New Jersey. book club was a lovely time, we shared and laughed a lot and was sort of a end of year party for us as we voted for our next year’s reading list. i would not have read a lot of authors or titles if not for this superb book club, have a wonderful time bringing in the new year and I look forward to more interesting chats with you. i enjoy our conversations very much, you are such a warm person.

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            • Yes, she keeps really has a unique style of writing that keeps your interest in dealing with such sensitive and hard subjects .
              Max’s books are a great resource for SS. We are reading one of his books in SS right now.
              Wow! I was born in Harrisburg! We live only an hour South from it now. Small world,eh! 🙂
              Being in a book club would be great!
              You have a warm heart as well. Thank you for your kind words. ❤ ❤

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  3. I must have flavored coffee with lots of half&half (store brand is fine, I’m not a snob)! That settled, on to the questions. 1) Is your knee responding to treatment? 2) Where do you live (just curious)? 3) How do you come up with the Friday’s Super Short Stories? At times it seems related to an event in your life, other times random thoughts. I’m just wondering how a creative mind operates. Now about Starbucks : I agree it is pricey… You must join their Rewards program and earn points for money spent. You can earn FREE drinks and food. You can also earn bonus points for “dashes” and “challenges” that add up quickly, it becomes a fun game and nothing beats free! I LOVE IT!! P.S. Thank-you for indulging my propensity for loquacity!!!

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    • Flavored coffee it is, and are you like my sister? A cup of half&half with a little coffee. LOL!
      They said it could take the cortisone shot up to a week to work, so we will see. Thanks for asking, will keep you posted. Today I get to sit by the window resting my leg, looking at the beautiful snow that fell overnight!
      I live in South Central Pennsylvania, our door is always to friends! 🙂
      Hmm.. good question about how a “creative mind” works. I don’t know. LOL! I wonder myself at times.
      As you said, a lot of times they are relevant to something going on in my life at the time, Actually you would probably be surprised to know how some of what seems really random is connected to my crazy life! It may not be something going on in my life at the moment, but from the past. As for the other times, they just seem to pop in my head. I know,that’s a real technical answer! Sorry. I find that if I try thinking too hard for a “story”, nothing comes and I stop. I know that it will fly into my brain sooner or later.

      Thank you for the tip on Starbucks. My daughter loves them, so I should tell her that she needs to do that. For yes you are very right, nothing beats FREE!!

      As always thanks for your comments! I would so look forward to sitting down for coffee with you and enjoying your “propensity for loquacity” ! 🙂

      PS. You can let sweet Benjamin know that his favorite Elves will have another story soon, for we have to see if they made it back from their Christmas Eve journey. 🙂


      • When I order coffee I always say “very light, but not white” and there is a very fine line between the two…usually not quite met! Another Pennsylvania girl, I knew it!! I was born and raised in rural Southeastern Pa. I lived all over that area, lastly right in Gettysburg before moving to Rhode Island. Thank-you for answering my questions. P.S. I wanted to tell you that Benjamin believes that Jinx and Jangle live at my house. I have two large Annalee Elves displayed this year along with the various Snowmen (a tiny part of my extensive and beloved Annalee collection). Benjamin decided that these Annalee elves must be from your stories. I did not argue with his toddler logic, I only do so when I stand a chance of winning and that is seldom & never! A little aside here, just to keep you informed…Annalee Elves are the original Elf, not The Elf on a Shelf (no insult intended to him). So, once again, Thank-you for enduring my propensity for loquacity!


        • Oh how cool that you lived in Gettysburg. That is practically in our backyard. We are about a 30 minute drive from there. My Dad grew up in Gettysburg!
          You have Jinx and Jangle, oh how nice! 🙂 I am sure you are giving them a good home! Be careful of their mischief though! Would love to see a picture of them. 🙂


    • I thought you may like to see my response to a question asked by a reader. Being that you were asking where my inspiration came from. She made the question a little more direct. I think she posted right below your comment.


    • Ahh! Good question.
      It was about finding true friendship in the dark times of life.
      What inspired it is that yesterday I was going to visit with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. We met each other while our children were both in the same rehab for Eating Disorders. Pretty sure that qualifies as a Messy time!
      Talk about being real , when you are in those situations and you meet someone else walking the same journey, your guard comes down and your hearts make an instant connection.

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