For the Love of Animals!

My husband knows that he can never go wrong with giving me books as a Christmas gift.  I thought I would share the ones with you that he so kindly bought for me.  If you have an animal loving heart these collection of short stories will captivate you and the pictures will melt your heart.

The perfect books to read by the light of our Christmas Tree.  I am nice and cozy as I read snuggled up in my large, comfy Boston Terrier blanket.

There is a story of a Dalmatian adopting a spotted lamb as her own, when the lamb’s Mom rejected it.  One about a Chihuahua that was rescued from a drainage ditch and adopted into a home.  Sadly she had to lose her 2 front legs due to injuries from being thrown in the ditch, but she gets along fine in 2 little wheels made specially for her in place of her front legs.

It is quite the scene to see this little Chihuahua moving down the yard with her wheels and a Silky Chicken trotting along beside her.  They are great friends.  I had never heard of a Silky Chicken before.  I wasn’t sure about posting pictures from the book, so I found one on Pinterest for you.  photoid1181-210x300  Aren’t they cute!

There also is a story of a dog rescuing 17 horses from a barn fire.   These examples are just a few of the heartwarming stories that you will find in these 3 wonderful books.  Animals are amazing in so many different ways and I can’t imagine life without them!

I can’t mention wonderful books about animals without mentioning one that I have mentioned before, but for the benefit of new readers I will gladly mention it again.

61tpnzdujdl-_sx750_sy470_  A story that will melt your heart with its tenderness, you may want tissues on hand, but I assure you it has a happy ending!  You can also be assured that along with the tender moments, there are humorous moments as well.  If you know Colin, you know his gift of wit! Ray is living a wonderful life now! It was a long journey of hard work and much patience needed but the results are so rewarding! You can read more about Ray on Colin’s blog.

I also want to mention another dear blogger friend’s book that recently came out.  She is teaching children to have appreciation for animals at a young age, with her wonderful paintings of them,  along with her original fun, silly poems.  Her blog is graced with her wonderful artistic talent and very yummy recipes.


If you decide to  purchase any of these books, I hope you enjoy them! I look at my Sheltie lying by the Christmas Tree and my Yorkie curled up on the couch and am so thankful that there are animals to grace our lives!

My Mom recently had hip replacement surgery. There were some complications so she is in a wheelchair for a little while.  Her adoring shih-tzu wasn’t sure what to think when she first saw her in the wheelchair, but she has decided that she is not letting my Mom out of her sight again!  Wherever my Mom wheels too her dog follows and places herself right in front of the wheelchair until my Mom is ready to wheel somewhere else.

Pets are so faithful and loving, oh the things that we can learn from them.



bf6f6418c480570c7d25e675840429e163f748c1120f20f6f6b4205fb7f217b9 I of course had to include the Owls! 🙂


13 thoughts on “For the Love of Animals!

  1. I suffer from Book Hangover every morning, just can’t put a book down! This week a furry visitor is sharing my bed and doesn’t seem to be disturbed by the reading routine. Minell, my Son’s Puggle, was left with me while his family is on a Disneyland vacation. My two Persians are not very happy with this arrangement, nor is Harley (the oldest daughter’s Black Lab/German Shep.). Benjamin, however, is delighted as Minell enjoys his attention. Your books sound good, I want a Silky Chicken! The other two choices are great recommendations too! Klaus’s book is love-worn by Benjamin. “A book is a gift you can open again and again” – Garrison Keillor. Thank-you!

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