The Lesson of the Lamppost


Jenny had been waiting a long time for this night to come!   Tonight would be the night that her life would change for the better.  She was sure of it.  She had bought her bus ticket and was on her way.

The legend told of a little,  faraway town and the magic lamppost that it had.  Every year on Christmas Eve at exactly midnight magic would come alive!  It was said that at midnight snow would start swirling around the lamppost, making what looked like a circle.  If you touched the lamppost,  stepping into the circle you could be transformed!  But you had to do it within a 3 minute period.  The snow never swirled for very long,  before it was gone.

Jenny made sure to leave extra early for the 3 hour trip.  She could not be late!  As the bus traveled through the night Jenny pondered in her mind.  She had to decide who she wanted to become.  That was the one rule.  This wasn’t about wishing all your flaws away, it was about becoming a whole new person.  In becoming that one person you got their good qualities, along with their flaws.  Jenny didn’t think that it would be hard to choose who she wanted to be, for there were so many people that she admired.

She thought of sweet Marie and her beautiful long hair and slender body.  The way she was so physically fit and always had a clear complexion.  Oh to be like her.  But yet did Jenny really want to deal with some of the challenges that Marie faced.   Marie had very poor eyesight.  It was genetic and there was no cure.  Jenny couldn’t imagine not being able to see well.  She loved to read and explore nature and visit different places.  There was just so much to see!  So no, sweet Marie she couldn’t be.

Perhaps she would choose Jan instead.  Jan was so graceful, never tripping over her own two feet or bumping into walls.  She was a perfect cook and wasn’t impulsive.  Usually thought things through before she said or did something.  Yes, Jan seemed like a great choice.  Would save Jenny some embarrassment over the times that she did or said things too quickly.  Would be so nice not having to worry about that.

OH, but wait!  No, she couldn’t be Jan.  For even though Jan had all those great qualities, there was one important one that she lacked.  She lacked having a giving heart.  Jenny loved to give, whether it be something small or big.  Bringing smiles to others often filled her with joy.

Felicity followed Jan  in being scratched off, for at times her temper was too short.  Devon was close behind, for even though he was so artistic and could make such exquisite paintings,  he often found it hard to speak.  Words came hard from him. They always had.  Jenny couldn’t imagine not being able to express herself through the words she spoke and the words she wrote.  No, Devon would definitely not work.

There was  Laura and Joe. No, Laura’s patience was thin and Joe was accident prone.  Jenny was accident prone enough, that was something she wanted to give up.

What about Corinne?  She could sing like an angel,  had lots of patience and was so organized.  Oh yes, all those things were good, but Jenny knew she couldn’t be her, for she was too prim and proper.  Corinne thought silliness  was only for children.  She didn’t have a very good sense of humor.  No, that would never do.  Silliness was needed in this life,  it didn’t matter your age!  It was fun and kept you young!

Jenny quietly sat on the bench looking at the lamppost and staring at her watch.  What was she to do?  The time was almost here, who was she going to become?   She sat and let the silence of the night speak  and then she knew.

It was happening, she saw it!  The snow started swirling in a circle and she saw the glow.  She watched and she smiled.  There was no need to rush,  she knew what she was going to do.

As quickly as it came it stopped.  The snow stopped swirling and the glow was gone.  The glow wasn’t really gone though, it had crept into Jenny’s heart.

She was still on the bench, she hadn’t moved.   While watching the magic of the swirling snow in front of her, contentment had entered her heart.  She didn’t need a magic Lamppost on Christmas Eve, there was no one else that she wanted to be.

Sure there were things that she wished were different about herself, flaws that she wished weren’t there.   On the other hand though, she realized there were things about herself that she loved and didn’t want to give up!

There were things that she could strive to work on, but there were also things that she had to learn to just accept about herself.  For in all those things, the good and the bad, they made her who she was.  She didn’t want to be someone else.  She was grateful for who she was, for she was unique in her own delightful, special way!  Unique, not a copy,  and that was the way she wished to stay!




26 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Lamppost

  1. Do you remember the comic strip, Cathy?
    Like Jenny, she decided ~> “Who I am is who I want to be!”

    Loved this story. One of your best. Especially, “Silliness was needed in this life, it didn’t matter your age! It was fun and kept you young!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. what a great story C! Your creative writing spirit is shining in this one! A great lesson and a beautiful read! Did you come up with the story first or the picture? Just wondering where the inspiration came from? 🙂 Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for such kind words. I love that I can be one of your “favorite storytellers”, Out of the many that there are on here!!
      The quote goes wonderful with my post. Thanks for sharing it!
      Have a wonderful day!


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