The Adventure Continues…Part 2

“You are going to hit that sleigh full of gifts!” cried Snowflake, Jangle closed his eyes waiting for the crash.  Jinx made a sharp turn just in time,  avoiding the sleigh full of gifts.  He made a sharp turn which took him directly into a snowbank, the quick stop ejected Jinx out of the sleigh.   He did a graceful belly flop into the snow.

Jangle had opened his eyes in time to see Jinx go flying through the air.  Snowflake and Jangle were still chuckling as Jinx picked himself up out of the snow.  Santa was walking by as Jinx was brushing the snow off of him.  He looked at the sleigh stuck in the snowbank,  looked at Jinx and shook his head as he let out a deep chuckle.

“Welcome back Jinx and Jangle!  The North Pole hasn’t been the same without you two.”   Jinx and Jangle smiled bright, Santa was  happy to see them, all was well.  Maybe they would get their own team of reindeer this year!

It was their first day on the new job that Santa had appointed them too.  They were working in the section of the toy factory that double checked the toys to make sure that they worked.  They pushed buttons to make sure the doll would talk or that the toy would play music, or do whatever it was supposed to do.  After working all morning they took a lunch break.

“So what do you think of the job?” asked Jangle.  “I like it, it is pretty easy,  for all that we do is push buttons.  I can handle that!  I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of toys that come our way.  You never quite know what exactly may happen when you push the button.  There’s a little mystery with this job. I always have liked a touch of suspense to my life.”  “I agree,” replied Jangle.

The end of their shift was drawing near and Jinx was starting to get a little sleepy and ready to get off his feet.  There was one more toy to be checked. It was an odd looking toy, not like the others had been.  It was a long straight tube that went up high and then angled out with the opening resembling the opening of a tuba.  Jinx and Jangle both loved music so they fully expected music to come out when the button was pushed.

“Go ahead and push it Jinx, I pushed the last one.”

Jinx pushed it and “POOF!!”  Glittery confetti came spraying out all over Jinx.  He was covered from head to toe!  Jinx opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was speechless.  Once the spraying stopped Jangle turned the toy over and saw a wee little sticker on the bottom of it.  It read “Gag gift” .

“Well I think this gift works just fine, don’t you Jinx?  I give it my stamp of approval!”

Jinx didn’t say a word as he was too busy brushing off the confetti.

“Hey my friend you missed a spot!”  Jangle laughed as he brushed some of the glitter off of Jinx’s face.  I could start calling you “Sparkly” said Jangle,  as they walked outside.

“Splat!” A snowball landed on Jangle’s back.

“Okay perhaps I will continue to call you Jinx!”

“Gee, I can’t wait to see what toys come through the line tomorrow! What about you Jinx?”

Jangle didn’t stick around to hear Jinx’s reply.  He was walking quickly before another snowball came flying his way.



8 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues…Part 2

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, you could be very right about the mayhem to come. 🙂
      If you are interested there are more Jinx and Jangle stories. Just type them into my search bar and the other stories will come up for you. Enjoy!


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