The Adventure Begins

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx opened his eyes and gave Jangle his best intimidating look.  ” I sure hope you have an extremely good reason for waking me up!”

“Ooooh I have a very good reason!!” replied Jangle.  “We got a letter in the mail today.  A letter from Santa Clause telling us when to report back to the North Pole.”

At this news Jinx sat straight up in bed, ” That is great news, so when does he want us there?  We have to start packing and I need to go to the beach one more time and…”  Jangle interrupted him, “The date is the exact reason that I woke you!  According to the letter we are supposed to report to the North Pole on November 25th.”

Jinx jumped out of bed so quickly that his legs gave way and he plopped smack down on the floor.  As he was shaking his head in confusion, he sputtered, “Oh No!  Today is December 2nd!  What happened?”

“Apparently our letter was lost in the mail until now!  Oh Jinx this is not a good way to start out.  Santa is not going to be happy.  We are supposed to get our own team of reindeer this year if we do well, remember!”

Jinx and Jangle rushed around packing up their things as fast as they could.  Jinx called the airport to find out when the next flight to the North Pole was and Jangle made sure to carefully wrap their special clock.  When he went to take it off the wall Jangle felt like the little bird was mocking him as it said, “Cuckoo…Cuckoo!”  He used to think that bird was cute.

They finally found themselves at the airport and felt like their heads were spinning!  When they found their seats on the airplane, they both got comfortable and after take-off they promptly fell asleep.

“Wake up, Wake up!”  Jinx was nudging Jangle this time.  ” We are preparing to land.”  Jangle woke up and looked out the window.  Snow and more snow!  He had almost forgotten what snow looked like.

When they had collected their baggage and stepped out of the airport they went into shock!  “BRR…!” They had forgotten how cold the North Pole was!  They danced a little jig as they waited for their friend Snowflake to pull up in his sleigh.

“Hey guys, where have you been!!! Do you know how many trips I have made to this airport waiting for you?”  Jinx and Jangle looked sheepishly down at the ground as they explained that the letter from Santa  was late in arriving to them.

“Oh No!  I keep telling Santa that he needs to get a new secretary.  She has made so many mistakes at sending out letters and packages and not getting the correct address on them.  In fact there is a story going around that one package that she sent took almost a year and a half to arrive at its destination!”

Jinx and Jangle felt a little better at hearing this, maybe Santa would understand after all and not be upset with them.

“Well hop in guys! Why are you shaking, you can’t be cold, can you?”  Snowflake laughed and said, ” This isn’t Hawaii you know!  No worries, you will adapt to the weather again!”

Jinx and Jangle hopped into the sleigh feeling the excitement at being back at the North Pole starting to flow through them.

“Hey Snowflake! Think I could try driving the sleigh for a little?”  Jinx asked with a gleam in his eye.

” I will pull over and let you drive it the final mile, Okay?”

“Great!” Jinx rubbed his hands together in delight.  He wondered how it would feel to drive a sleigh again?

It wasn’t too long before Snowflake kept his word and pulled over for Jinx to take over.

“Now be careful Jinx!”

“Absolutely!” Jinx replied, as Jangle gripped the sides of the sleigh.

The ride was going smoothly until…..”Jinx, look out!  Don’t hit the….!”

(to be continued…)

14 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. I was wondering when these two elves would be returning to their day job! Mishap seems to follow them everywhere. Fingers crossed that they will get home intact. Thank-you!

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