This is Now

A cup of Hot Chocolate with some Wintergreen mints dropped in it.  Hallmark Christmas movie on Tv with the lights down low.  A relaxing evening!

Loyal dog laying at my feet and another one on my lap.

Reading a good book while wrapped in a cozy blanket.  Knowing that it may be a late night as I stay up fonishing it.

 Thinking.of all the other books on my long list to read.  Anyone care to add some more to the list?  Thankful for a  long.road trip where I was able to read a book from cover to cover.  Planning to read more next week as we hit the road once  again.

Thinking of friends who I  know are very happy right now, and letting  their happiness make me  happy as well. 

Being thankful for the good Doctor”s  report received today and how 5 years ago the report was so different.

Smiling at the warm thoughts of the Holidays coming and the magical Joy that they bring!

Thinking about Christmas cards and surprise packages that have been sent and that come in the mail. 

This is life on a Wednesday night.  “This is Us”.  Yes, I have finally started watching that show!  Ooooh how my heartstrings were tugged! 

Life is far from perfect.  Life is full of the unknown, but for now,  for this hour, this moment in time,  “This Is Us!”  This is now and this is very good!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  I saw an adorable video clip this morning of 2 baby monkeys hugging.  It was the perfect thing to wake up too!  The one monkey was patting his chest and the next thing you know the other monkey is giving him a BIG hug.  So cute! I tried to post it on here, but it wouldn’t work, sorry.

Hugs are such a wonderful, powerful thing.  If you are needing a hug this morning, may you feel the warmth behind my virtual hug. I hope you can get a real one from someone today.  There are many of you who I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet.  I would love to be able to greet you with a big hug, just like the monkeys did.   Who knows, perhaps one day we will!  Until then ((((HUGS)))) and have a WONDERFUL DAY!

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All For Love

What a weekend!  Traveled many miles in a short time, but it was worth it.  We made the decision rather quickly to go down to North Carolina for the weekend.  It is about a 8 hour drive from where we live.  We left in the early hours of Friday morning.  Yes, my Friday’s post was typed from my phone.  Having internet on your phone does come in handy for times like this weekend.

Why did we make the trip down to North Carolina knowing that we had to be back  on Sunday?  We did it for love!

Reminds me of when we were dating and Brad drove exactly 8 and 1/2 hours from the cornfields of Indiana to come see me on the weekends.  No, it was not nearly every weekend!  The weekends always went too fast,  but we made the best of the time!  My heart always felt so special at those times,  for I knew he driven all those many miles for me!

I still remember the feeling of anticipation I would have, waiting for him to arrive!  Watching out my window and pacing the floor as I watched the clock.  I also remember the phone call that I once received from him while waiting.  He was due to arrive any minute.  The phone rang and I picked it up hearing is voice on the other end,  causing my heart to flutter.

Now remember this was back before the days of cell phones and Caller ID.  He told me that he had  just wanted to let me know that he was just leaving!! WHAT!!  Just leaving??  I sputtered out that he was supposed to be here any minute what did he mean he was just leaving?  He said he had to go he just wanted to let me know.  Said a “I love you” and click went the phone.  My heart sank.  I had 8 and 1/2 more hours to wait!!  I looked out the window once more as I sighed.

I walked up the stairs and looked out the window  from up there and screamed.  I screamed at the sight of his red truck entering my driveway.  My Dad was laughing as I came running down the stairs yelling at him and continuing to yell as I ran out the door. My Dad said, ” Did you hear what she called you?”  He was just smiling away as he hugged me and explained that he had not been fibbing.  He had “just left”.  He had “just left” from the gas station not far from us.  He saw the Pay Phone and the clever idea had popped into his head.

Oh the memories!

Okay now to get back to my original story, sorry for the detour!

We reached North Carolina in good time, had a smooth drive out.  Pulled into the parking lot and went inside the building.  Went to the Physical Therapy room and we saw her from a distance.  She looked our way and her face lit up.  She broke the speed limit with her walker as her therapist was walking beside her.  We hugged and the therapist said how she had been hearing about us all day.  The long miles we had driven were forgotten as our hearts smiled.

Brad’s Grandma was recovering from a recent stroke that she had.  She is one of the sweetest ladies I know and I was so glad that we went down.  She was discharged from the rehab on Saturday and we were able to spend time with her back at her home.  She stays with his Aunt and Uncle.  This morning I sat with her as she ate breakfast and she just kept looking at me and smiling, with that twinkle in her eye.  Brought warmth to my heart.

On the way home I was remembering the special times that I had shared with her when Brad and I were first married and we lived in Indiana, where she lived at the time.  We lived within walking distance of each other.  When Brad would be at work, I would walk over to her house for yummy flapjacks, cards and chatting.

We would talk about everything.  Brad was among one of our favorite topics of course. She adores her grandchildren and loved to talk about him.

She is loved very much and we have precious memories.  We are glad that we were able to go down and see her this weekend.   Yes,  there are lots of things that you do for Love! isn’t Love Grand!




Tick – Tock

Tick Tock goes the clock!  Time is ticking away for a decision to be made as to whether our school’s teachers will go on strike starting this coming Monday the 13th.  Tonight there is one more meeting to see if an agreement can be made that both parties agree too.  We anxiously wait for word.

There is nothing that we can do as far as impacting the decision that is made, so we just sit and wait.

Is there something that you are sitting and waiting for?   Patiently or impatiently?

Life is full of waiting whether we like or not, we can’t get through this life without it! There is a lot of things that we wait on that we don’t have control over.  The only thing we have control over is our attitude while waiting.

So as you sit and wait, SMILE!  It may not make what you are waiting on come any faster, but it can make the waiting process a whole lot more fun!  I remember how I was stuck in a traffic jam a couple of weeks ago, it was a dead stop.  I looked beside me and there  were 2 guys hanging their heads out the window and raising their hands in the air, wearing big smiles.

Minutes before I had been frustrated for I was on my way to meet someone for lunch.   With one look at those guys who were acting like they were having so much fun waving at people and I had to smile and laugh.  There was no magic power behind their good attitude that made the traffic move faster, but it was contagious.

It is amazing  the power that a good attitude holds!


Feeling Blessed

Yes, I am feeling spoiled!  I spent all day yesterday with one of my very best friends.  We chatted and chatted some more as we lounged on the couch and drank hot drinks, for it was COLD.  Yes, Winter has decided to make its appearance!  Goodbye unseasonably warm temps!  One day 65 degrees and the next in the 30’s! BRR!  But our hearts were warmed by each other’s company.

Today I spent the day with my sister and again our hearts were warmed!  Felt so very relaxed after having professional massages.  If you have never been for one, I highly recommend it!!  If you have a sore back and deal with painful knots in your neck and shoulders,  they are awesome about relieving them!  We also went to a Salt Cave which is a relaxing experience as well!  So yes I am sitting here on my comfy desk chair now feeling totally relaxed. Ahh!

As I thought about these past 2 days though its not the massage, or Salt room that comes to my mind as the greatest things.  Its the richness I have in my heart from the wonderful friendships that I am blessed with and the amazing family I have.

I have the bestest friends and yes I know others think they do, and that is how it should be. November is a month of thankfulness and right now my heart is full of thankfulness for the friends that have walked into my life at different times and have left their footprint on my heart.  For the friends who feel like family, whether they are near or far.  For the friends who make me laugh and are there to “hold” my hand when I am walking through the dark.  The ones who hold the light and keep me breathing with each step I take.

I am thankful for my precious family and how they have been there for me since I took my very first breath.  They all held me when I was so very small and helped me learn how to walk.  We grew up together through laughter, bickering and tears and now have families of our own. Families of our own that fill our hearts with love, and our families keep growing!  It’s okay for our love continues to spread as we welcome others in.   Thankful for my dear parents who have faithfully guided us all and who continue to put up with us!

Yes, there are many wonderful things in life to enjoy,  but nothing will ever compare to the blessing of wonderful family and friends!  A blessing I don’t take for granted,  for I know that sadly not everyone is as blessed.  Sadly there are lonely people out there longing to belong, to feel special to someone.  As I have said before Keep Smiling and spreading your kindness to others, for you never know who may really need your smile today and every day.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  What are your thoughts today?  My very dear friend Sherry is coming today to spend the day together.  Fun times are guaranteed!  We were going to go down to the Inner Harbor to walk along the water.  Unfortunately they increased the chance of rain to 90% and are calling for possible sleet!  So we are going to hang out at my house.  The special thing about friends is that it really doesn’t matter what you do together, good times can be had just by being together.  Nothing else is needed!  Enjoy these quotes today and have a great day no matter what the day may throw at ya!


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  9. 835c290cd625cb0364a06ddc570bcd8c   This may have been said before about the Angel that guards me while driving!
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Dreaming on the Train



The 3 young children heard the train coming round the bend and excitement stirred in their heart.  This was their favorite time of day!  They weren’t always able to escape, but today they managed it by Peyton’s sly trickery.

“Good going Peyton,  I don’t think I ever saw Miss.Amelia jump as high as I did today!”  Ryan patted him on the back as they all laughed.  “I never knew she could run so fast!”, piped up little Jean.

They were still laughing as the train pulled up and stopped.  The kind conductor stepped out of the train as he greeted them all with his genuine, warm smile.  “So glad to see you all managed to make it today!  Missed you this past week!”  He bent down and picked up little Jean as he let Peyton and Ryan board the train ahead of him.  They boarded the train and sat in their regular seats, the ones right behind the Conductor.  He made sure they were all comfortable, then he sounded the horn which always made little Jean cover her ears.

Once they had been riding for awhile, Peyton spoke up.  ” So where are you going today Ryan?”  “I am traveling to a far off land where there are  mountains that I can climb.  I am going to climb to the very top and enjoy the amazing view! Where are you off to Peyton?”

“I am going to the finest city and am going to dine on as many hamburgers and hotdogs that I can!”

“Don’t forget the French Fries!”, said little Jean

“Where are you off to sweet Jean?”  the boys asked.

Jean smiled her shy smile and said she was going to a Castle.  “I am sure that is where the most beautiful and kind women must live!  One of them surely would love to have me as their little girl.  A castle for sure would have a beautiful flower garden and I could pick flowers every day.  I would give them to the sweet lady that perhaps would let me call her Mama.  Do you think that would work Peyton?  Would she choose to have me as her little girl if I gave her flowers?”

Peyton smiled down at little Jean and put his arm around her.  ” You wouldn’t have to give her flowers to charm her, your beautiful smile would be enough to touch her heart.”

Little Jean smiled big at Peyton’s words and leaned her head against his shoulder as she closed her eyes.  Closed her eyes to dream of her Castle in the sky.

Peyton laid his hand on her little leg and he looked out the window dreaming of having someone who would be delighted to call him their son.  Ryan was looking out the window dreaming of the big mountain that he wanted to climb.  For maybe just maybe if he got close enough to the sky, God would hear his prayers.  God would hear the prayers of a little boy who longed to have a Mom and Dad to hold him tight.

The train continued to chug along as the Conductor felt tears well up in his eyes.  These children had become so precious to him as he got to know them over the months of their “escapes” from the orphanage.  Little did they know that Miss.Amelia and the others were on to them, and as long as the Conductor kept a eye on them they had given their permission to let them keep riding the train.

As the train rolled along, thoughts rolled around in the Conductor’s mind.  He and his wife had never been able to have children and there were times that their big house on top of the hill would get awfully quiet.  They had been talking over the past months and talking with Miss. Amelia. His sweet wife had joined him on the train many times and she had met the children, quickly falling in love with them.

He smiled as his heart swelled up with love.  Little Jean, you can pick as many flowers as you want, there never will be enough to express all the love we will have for you! Peyton we will make sure your stomach is kept satisfied and it will be such a honor to call you our son!  Ryan, my dear boy, you don’t need to climb a mountain high,  God heard your prayers and I can’t wait to hold you tight!

What are THEY thinking?

Today has been a busier day than normal for a Sunday, but it has been a good day.  Before I go  play the role of Taxi Driver again, (wait a minute…Taxi Drivers get paid, don’t they? Hmm… )  I thought I would give you a chance once again to use your creativity and tell me what you think one or all of these animals are thinking.  Have Fun!

  1. 45cbf4dee26b742983a8c18e78f5d153  I know, Owls again! This is what happens with Pinterest, they remember what you search for and then they just keep having wonderful pictures for you when you log in!  So what do you think they are thinking?


2.  beautiful-and-rare-animal-pictures-16 Now here is an animal that I haven’t posted before!  It is REAL!  It is called the Malabar Giant Squirrel, native to India.  What is going on in the Big squirrel brain of his? 🙂

3.  beautiful-and-rare-animal-pictures-14  Here are some Cotton Top Tamarins. They do look sad, don’t they, or is it mad? What is making them that way?


Yes Virginia, There is a Jackalope!

Yes, there is such a thing as Jackalopes, though they are indeed very rare.   Around the age of 11, I was first introduced to Jackalopes.  My future Brother-in-law to be took me out “hunting” for them  in the mountains of Colorado.  Sadly we didn’t find any and I thought that my “dear” Brother-in-Law was pulling one over on me,  but many, many years later I learned the truth!

The reason I didn’t find any Jackalopes in Colorado was because there is only 1 Jackalope in the whole world!  1 very special Jackalope,  and he was seen living in the land of Canada.  The poor thing was living his life on the run.  He was trying to avoid 2 crazy hunters.

Fortunately the hunters had some great wisdom passed along to them in the form of a Mug.  A Mug that reminded them to “Save the Jackalope!”  Once they gained that knowledge,  they were quick to offer the Jackalope a nice, cozy home with one of them.  No longer did the Jackalope need to be on the run.  He was forever safe in his new home in Canada.

That very special Jackalope was the inspiration behind Jaxon, the very special Jackalope that lives at Moonbeam Farm.  One of the characters in “The Odessa Chronicles”.  The book of stories for children of all ages, by Colin and I.  The book that has been and continues to be an exciting journey as it goes through the publication process.

The above story is true, though perhaps embellished a little. I had been friends with Colin and his dear daughter Melanie for a short time, and had learned very quickly about their sharp wit. I figured I would see if perhaps they had ever heard of the famous Jackalopes that are here in the States.  I texted Melanie and asked if they had Jackalopes in Canada.  Her reply came back very fast, ” Yup, we BBQ them!”   That was just the beginning of me learning what kind of wit I was dealing with in having Melanie and Colin as friends of mine.

Yes, the mug did enlighten them that Jackalopes are not for BBQ’ing and yes,  there may be a plush Jackalope in one of their homes.  Oh and also one of them may have a Jackalope T-shirt.  Hey, I had to get the point across about saving them, not eating them, right!

Having that history is what made me think about adding a Jackalope to the story when I first started posting the short stories on my blog.  The story that had originally started with Dewey, the carefree, lazy, cunning cat.

How did the idea of the first story come to my mind?  Well that is another story! I will give you one clue,  when writing the first story I had no intention of it developing into more stories.  I had no idea how the stories would grow!  The first story was just a simple story written for a fun, simple reason.  It is truly surprising of how sometimes we really don’t know what lies around the corner!

jaxon-the-jackelope-moonbeam-farms-8x10-watercolor-on-140lb-saunders-hot-press Credit for the beautiful watercolor painting goes to Jodi Mckinney!  Thank you so much Jodi for your beautiful artwork!