Daily Prompt: Circle

via Daily Prompt: Circle

The Circle of Love has no end!  It keeps going round and round.  It draws people in, it doesn’t cast them out.

Love  is  priceless.  An invisible string that connects you to others.  A string that spans the distance no matter how far.  For you have a connection, a connection of the heart.

Love is when no words are needed.  When at times more can be said by a kiss on the forehead or in the strength and closeness of a tight hug.

Love can blossom like a flower that awakens in the Spring.  It can burst with joy at the unending pleasure it brings and create many smiles as it soars high on eagles wings.

Love is in the happiness of “Hellos” and in the sadness of  “Goodbyes”.  Love is what makes “Goodbyes” so hard, while at the same time making one feel so blessed!  Blessed by the beauty that shines through the pain.

Love is the beauty of the knowledge that the preciousness of the treasure is well worth the pain.  Would sunshine bring as much happiness, if it weren’t  for the rain?

Love is the strength behind the invincible spirit that keeps going strong.

Love is a gift not to be taken lightly.  A gift that is as fragile as the petal of a lovely flower yet as strong as the most powerful storm.

Love is indeed a blessing.  A blessing that endures.  The greatest blessing of all!







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