Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Back home once again, after a wonderful time with my husband’s family.  Hard to believe that it is the end of November already.  Have you set up your Christmas Tree yet?  Do you wait until December comes or do you start decorating as soon as Thanksgiving is over?  We will put up the tree this weekend.  We have one of those pre-lit trees now,  so much easier to put up, no messing with tangled lights.  Of course I do hold my breath every year though wondering if the lights will still work.

I thought winter had come when we had some very chilly days, but it is supposed to reach into the high 50’s today!  May have to go hiking today.  Stretch our legs after riding in the van all day yesterday.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and may these quotes help stretch your mind and cause a smile to stretch across your face as well!




3. 0d549939cc9ed75355c69d163f2031fb  I know I put quotes from this book in my other post, but there are just so many!  I forgot to mention in my previous post that if you are thinking about reading The StoryTeller, make sure to have tissues nearby! I had to put the book down a couple times and take a breath.

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26 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Try to put some new addition to the holiday decorations and celebrations each day..one day baking something special, another putting the collection of Santa Claus figurines out on display, an arts and crafts project underway. By the time Christmas Eve is here Townhouse will be delightfully cluttered and the holidays well celebrated. Enjoyed your post and the quotes are simply wonderful. Thank you. ,

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  2. Love No. 8. 🙂

    On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 11:32 AM, Nuggets of Gold wrote:

    > joyroses13 posted: “Back home once again, after a wonderful time with my > husband’s family. Hard to believe that it is the end of November already. > Have you set up your Christmas Tree yet? Do you wait until December comes > or do you start decorating as soon as Thanksgiving ” >

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  3. Fall fell on me and it continues to do so, raking leaves the third time this season…next year, a lawn service again for sure!! My little helper decided he is “tired” of the leaves, I agree! This brings Tuesday’s Thoughts to Thursday and well worth the wait. #5 and #8 are my favorites this week, but all are great thoughts. Thank-you! P.S. Given my propensity for loquacity, I won’t bore you with my thoughts about when the tree “should” appear in one’s home!!!

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  4. Aww on what your “little helper” said! How sweet of him to help!
    So glad to hear that Tuesday’s Thoughts were worth the wait! #8 is a popular one this time! I do really like #5 as well, for our mind can go crazy with thoughts that do not help the healing process at all!

    LOL! You never bore me with your thoughts! Feel free to share when you think the tree should appear in one’s home if you want. 🙂


    • I feel it only fair to remind you…You did invite this dissertation on the proper timing of the tree’s appearance! I will, somewhat begrudgingly, acknowledge that everyone has the right to choose when to erect their tree. This does not mitigate the fact that there is only one true time that said tree should appear. This (drum roll, if you please) can only be on Christmas Eve! I could site the many reasons for this, but I will spare you the tedious and obvious list. I will give you the reason my own Mother gave to me as a child, when questioned about the tree coming before the eve of Christmas : “It just isn’t done!” and it wasn’t, not ever!! This family tradition, for generations, included: 1) After the stockings were hung, all were sent off to bed. 2) The non-Santa believers were allowed back up to participate, once the “believers” were asleep. 3) The tree was decorated with great ceremony. 4) Cookies and milk were left for Santa, carrots for the reindeer. 5) Hot chocolate and cookies for the decorating team 6) Each was given a small gift to open as a reward for silence and services rendered. 7) The oldest child read “The Night Before Christmas” and the Patriarch or Matriarch read “The Birth of Jesus according to Luke” and lastly 8) Baby Jesus was placed in the manger of the Nativity set. The only thing that could be added here…there is something magical about seeing the tree in all of it’s majesty for the first time on Christmas Eve ( or morning for the wee “believers”)! I continued this tradition with my own children and I would like to say that it continues…sadly, this is not true. My children have been strongly influenced by this woeful New England practice of putting the tree up on Black Friday ( shouldn’t that be warning enough against such folly?) I am somewhat mollified to say that they usually put up their trees within two weeks of Christmas. I am aware that like the much lamented dinosaur, my tradition will most likely disappear with me. I TRIED!!!

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      • Oh you make me laugh!!
        I will say that I can see how putting.it up Christmas Eve would create a magical feeling. You do have a point!

        But with that said….sorry….mine goes up this weekend. I love having the magical feeling all month long. 🙂 Sitting in the room with only the Christmas lights and letting them weave their charm. 🙂
        But do thanks for sharing!! We can’t all be the same. 🙂


      • Now, you see, I have been given the opportunity to belabor my “point” even further ( could that even be possible?)! I must ask this, when does your tree get dismantled? In most of Rhode Island, I daresay, the tree is by the curb the day after Christmas looking a dismal shade of green-brown and lacking a good deal of it’s needles. MY TREE remains up, in all of it’s glory, until “Little Christmas” on the 6th. of January. I am often found sitting in the tree lit room, simply basking in the soft glow and savoring the moment. It appears that you enjoy this same moment, just much sooner than I do. So, I must conclude that there may be some merit in your choice and while I may not agree with it, I defend your right to it! P.S. We most definitely should not all be the same. I don’t believe the world is ready for more than one me.

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        • Hahaha! I don’t believe the world can handle more than 1 me either. Pretty sure that you would find some somewhere that would agree with you about that! 🙂
          Guess what! Our tree stays up to somewhere close to.the 6th too!! We agree on that. 🙂


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