The Best Kind of Tears….

I was busy today with something that I hope to be able to share with you later this week!  Something that will fit right in with the theme of Thanksgiving.

In meantime I hope all of you were able to have some good laughs in the past 24 hours like i have had.  The laughs that make tears come to your eyes!  I was thinking about posting some pictures of what all has made me laugh so hard recently, but thought that would probably make you all confused as to why those things made me laugh!

So what has made you laugh recently? Feel free to share, and remember Laughter is one of the Best Exercises for your heart and mind!




19 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Tears….

  1. lets see, I borrowed some money from my sister and forgot that I had already repaid her. I kept trying to repay her back and she kept on reminding me that I had already paid her back. The third time, I brought some money to pay her- she reminded me I’d already repaid her and the next I tried it, she wasn’t going to remind and would take the money. So that gave me a good laugh 😂


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