All For Love

What a weekend!  Traveled many miles in a short time, but it was worth it.  We made the decision rather quickly to go down to North Carolina for the weekend.  It is about a 8 hour drive from where we live.  We left in the early hours of Friday morning.  Yes, my Friday’s post was typed from my phone.  Having internet on your phone does come in handy for times like this weekend.

Why did we make the trip down to North Carolina knowing that we had to be back  on Sunday?  We did it for love!

Reminds me of when we were dating and Brad drove exactly 8 and 1/2 hours from the cornfields of Indiana to come see me on the weekends.  No, it was not nearly every weekend!  The weekends always went too fast,  but we made the best of the time!  My heart always felt so special at those times,  for I knew he driven all those many miles for me!

I still remember the feeling of anticipation I would have, waiting for him to arrive!  Watching out my window and pacing the floor as I watched the clock.  I also remember the phone call that I once received from him while waiting.  He was due to arrive any minute.  The phone rang and I picked it up hearing is voice on the other end,  causing my heart to flutter.

Now remember this was back before the days of cell phones and Caller ID.  He told me that he had  just wanted to let me know that he was just leaving!! WHAT!!  Just leaving??  I sputtered out that he was supposed to be here any minute what did he mean he was just leaving?  He said he had to go he just wanted to let me know.  Said a “I love you” and click went the phone.  My heart sank.  I had 8 and 1/2 more hours to wait!!  I looked out the window once more as I sighed.

I walked up the stairs and looked out the window  from up there and screamed.  I screamed at the sight of his red truck entering my driveway.  My Dad was laughing as I came running down the stairs yelling at him and continuing to yell as I ran out the door. My Dad said, ” Did you hear what she called you?”  He was just smiling away as he hugged me and explained that he had not been fibbing.  He had “just left”.  He had “just left” from the gas station not far from us.  He saw the Pay Phone and the clever idea had popped into his head.

Oh the memories!

Okay now to get back to my original story, sorry for the detour!

We reached North Carolina in good time, had a smooth drive out.  Pulled into the parking lot and went inside the building.  Went to the Physical Therapy room and we saw her from a distance.  She looked our way and her face lit up.  She broke the speed limit with her walker as her therapist was walking beside her.  We hugged and the therapist said how she had been hearing about us all day.  The long miles we had driven were forgotten as our hearts smiled.

Brad’s Grandma was recovering from a recent stroke that she had.  She is one of the sweetest ladies I know and I was so glad that we went down.  She was discharged from the rehab on Saturday and we were able to spend time with her back at her home.  She stays with his Aunt and Uncle.  This morning I sat with her as she ate breakfast and she just kept looking at me and smiling, with that twinkle in her eye.  Brought warmth to my heart.

On the way home I was remembering the special times that I had shared with her when Brad and I were first married and we lived in Indiana, where she lived at the time.  We lived within walking distance of each other.  When Brad would be at work, I would walk over to her house for yummy flapjacks, cards and chatting.

We would talk about everything.  Brad was among one of our favorite topics of course. She adores her grandchildren and loved to talk about him.

She is loved very much and we have precious memories.  We are glad that we were able to go down and see her this weekend.   Yes,  there are lots of things that you do for Love! isn’t Love Grand!




22 thoughts on “All For Love

  1. God could not be everywhere so He created Grandmothers…I took a little liberty with these words! Beautiful post filled with wonderful memories, as well as adding some new ones too. Weekend trips are fun, especially the spur of the moment ones. Thank-you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your quote. 🙂 Yes, its true! And yes weekend trips are fun, I am more of a spontaneous person for the most part anyway, its my husband that is usually more the planner. We balance each other out. 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your sweet words!


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