Tick – Tock

Tick Tock goes the clock!  Time is ticking away for a decision to be made as to whether our school’s teachers will go on strike starting this coming Monday the 13th.  Tonight there is one more meeting to see if an agreement can be made that both parties agree too.  We anxiously wait for word.

There is nothing that we can do as far as impacting the decision that is made, so we just sit and wait.

Is there something that you are sitting and waiting for?   Patiently or impatiently?

Life is full of waiting whether we like or not, we can’t get through this life without it! There is a lot of things that we wait on that we don’t have control over.  The only thing we have control over is our attitude while waiting.

So as you sit and wait, SMILE!  It may not make what you are waiting on come any faster, but it can make the waiting process a whole lot more fun!  I remember how I was stuck in a traffic jam a couple of weeks ago, it was a dead stop.  I looked beside me and there  were 2 guys hanging their heads out the window and raising their hands in the air, wearing big smiles.

Minutes before I had been frustrated for I was on my way to meet someone for lunch.   With one look at those guys who were acting like they were having so much fun waving at people and I had to smile and laugh.  There was no magic power behind their good attitude that made the traffic move faster, but it was contagious.

It is amazing  the power that a good attitude holds!


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