Feeling Blessed

Yes, I am feeling spoiled!  I spent all day yesterday with one of my very best friends.  We chatted and chatted some more as we lounged on the couch and drank hot drinks, for it was COLD.  Yes, Winter has decided to make its appearance!  Goodbye unseasonably warm temps!  One day 65 degrees and the next in the 30’s! BRR!  But our hearts were warmed by each other’s company.

Today I spent the day with my sister and again our hearts were warmed!  Felt so very relaxed after having professional massages.  If you have never been for one, I highly recommend it!!  If you have a sore back and deal with painful knots in your neck and shoulders,  they are awesome about relieving them!  We also went to a Salt Cave which is a relaxing experience as well!  So yes I am sitting here on my comfy desk chair now feeling totally relaxed. Ahh!

As I thought about these past 2 days though its not the massage, or Salt room that comes to my mind as the greatest things.  Its the richness I have in my heart from the wonderful friendships that I am blessed with and the amazing family I have.

I have the bestest friends and yes I know others think they do, and that is how it should be. November is a month of thankfulness and right now my heart is full of thankfulness for the friends that have walked into my life at different times and have left their footprint on my heart.  For the friends who feel like family, whether they are near or far.  For the friends who make me laugh and are there to “hold” my hand when I am walking through the dark.  The ones who hold the light and keep me breathing with each step I take.

I am thankful for my precious family and how they have been there for me since I took my very first breath.  They all held me when I was so very small and helped me learn how to walk.  We grew up together through laughter, bickering and tears and now have families of our own. Families of our own that fill our hearts with love, and our families keep growing!  It’s okay for our love continues to spread as we welcome others in.   Thankful for my dear parents who have faithfully guided us all and who continue to put up with us!

Yes, there are many wonderful things in life to enjoy,  but nothing will ever compare to the blessing of wonderful family and friends!  A blessing I don’t take for granted,  for I know that sadly not everyone is as blessed.  Sadly there are lonely people out there longing to belong, to feel special to someone.  As I have said before Keep Smiling and spreading your kindness to others, for you never know who may really need your smile today and every day.

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