Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  What are your thoughts today?  My very dear friend Sherry is coming today to spend the day together.  Fun times are guaranteed!  We were going to go down to the Inner Harbor to walk along the water.  Unfortunately they increased the chance of rain to 90% and are calling for possible sleet!  So we are going to hang out at my house.  The special thing about friends is that it really doesn’t matter what you do together, good times can be had just by being together.  Nothing else is needed!  Enjoy these quotes today and have a great day no matter what the day may throw at ya!


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  3. quote-multitasking
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  9. 835c290cd625cb0364a06ddc570bcd8c   This may have been said before about the Angel that guards me while driving!
  10. funny-friends

21 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I enjoyed the quote about multitasking, I do that lol. Also, the quote about the mind being a parachute is awesome. I think having an open mind is essential to learning, being understanding, and seeing life/the world from different perspectives, not just your own.
    Great set of quotes!

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  2. Tuesdays Thoughts are always such a treat, even when I read them on a Wednesday! Loving all of these thoughts. I choose #9 as my very favorite, also partial to #2 & #8. My Guardian Angel is probably relieved that I retired, she used to have to work overtime to keep me protected! My multitasking is less much now too! Thank-you!!


    • Sorry, I was multitasking while typing the line about multitasking being much less now…obviously not enough less! Benjamin is pulling on my arm because he wants to say “Hi, Joyroses!” P.S. He thinks you are Joyroses because you are happy. There’s that toddler logic again!

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