What are THEY thinking?

Today has been a busier day than normal for a Sunday, but it has been a good day.  Before I go  play the role of Taxi Driver again, (wait a minute…Taxi Drivers get paid, don’t they? Hmm… )  I thought I would give you a chance once again to use your creativity and tell me what you think one or all of these animals are thinking.  Have Fun!

  1. 45cbf4dee26b742983a8c18e78f5d153  I know, Owls again! This is what happens with Pinterest, they remember what you search for and then they just keep having wonderful pictures for you when you log in!  So what do you think they are thinking?


2.  beautiful-and-rare-animal-pictures-16 Now here is an animal that I haven’t posted before!  It is REAL!  It is called the Malabar Giant Squirrel, native to India.  What is going on in the Big squirrel brain of his? 🙂

3.  beautiful-and-rare-animal-pictures-14  Here are some Cotton Top Tamarins. They do look sad, don’t they, or is it mad? What is making them that way?


19 thoughts on “What are THEY thinking?

  1. Pic #1:
    “Humans always look better from this angle don’t they?”

    Pic #2:
    “Boy have I got a long tail for you!”

    Pic #3:
    “Go on. Tell ’em to get out of our space.”
    “No… you tell ’em.”
    “Well you’re closer”
    “You’re bigger!”
    “Okay. I’ll just make ’em go away by staring at them.”

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  2. #1 – Aren’t we the cutest things you’ve ever seen??!!
    #2 – What??? Did I dooooo thaaat? (using Steve Urkel voice)
    #3 – Rock On, Dude…. Yes – we are the KISS Rocksters of all the Cotton Top Tamarins.

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  3. My coffee has yet to kick in, but here goes my sorry attempt at wit: 1) “It’s all about perspective!” 2) “Has anyone seen my friend,Earl the Squirrel?” 3) says short guy to other – “I think I’m having a bad hair day!”

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      • Benjamin was quite happy with the stories about Jinx and Jangle this afternoon. When I showed him their pictures after the first story he said “No Gem, that is not Jinx and Jangle!” No amount of talk was convincing him, he was not buying it. So, after the second story (he loved the monkey) I decided to show him the Jackalope story. He was delighted because he knows Jaxon from the stories and the paintings. Per Benjamin : “My Jodi can make Jinx and Jangle too.” You just can’t argue with the logic of a toddler, especially my Benjamin! P.S. He wanted to say : “Thank-you Joyroses!”

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      • LOL!! Give Benjamin a hug for me and tell him he is so very welcome!
        Nope, you definitely can’t argue with the logic of a toddler! I do agree with him, I bet “his Jodi” could do a much better job of Jinx and Jangle. 🙂
        Glad he loved the monkey, I had fun writing that story. Of course, I have fun writing all of them. 🙂


  4. Cotton Top Tamarin #1 (to Hostess at Hooters): What? Happy Hour is over? Already? Joe told us that Happy Hour was every day from 5-7. It’s only 5:45. So how can it be over already? Man, I am steamed!

    Cotton Top Tamarin #2: Me too!

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  5. For the Malabar Giant Squirrel, I’m thinking….”Um…a little privacy, please?”
    Nothing printable for the head turning owls.
    And finally for the Tamarins…”There’s no accounting for what these humans will say when they visit it, is there?” 😉


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