Dreaming on the Train



The 3 young children heard the train coming round the bend and excitement stirred in their heart.  This was their favorite time of day!  They weren’t always able to escape, but today they managed it by Peyton’s sly trickery.

“Good going Peyton,  I don’t think I ever saw Miss.Amelia jump as high as I did today!”  Ryan patted him on the back as they all laughed.  “I never knew she could run so fast!”, piped up little Jean.

They were still laughing as the train pulled up and stopped.  The kind conductor stepped out of the train as he greeted them all with his genuine, warm smile.  “So glad to see you all managed to make it today!  Missed you this past week!”  He bent down and picked up little Jean as he let Peyton and Ryan board the train ahead of him.  They boarded the train and sat in their regular seats, the ones right behind the Conductor.  He made sure they were all comfortable, then he sounded the horn which always made little Jean cover her ears.

Once they had been riding for awhile, Peyton spoke up.  ” So where are you going today Ryan?”  “I am traveling to a far off land where there are  mountains that I can climb.  I am going to climb to the very top and enjoy the amazing view! Where are you off to Peyton?”

“I am going to the finest city and am going to dine on as many hamburgers and hotdogs that I can!”

“Don’t forget the French Fries!”, said little Jean

“Where are you off to sweet Jean?”  the boys asked.

Jean smiled her shy smile and said she was going to a Castle.  “I am sure that is where the most beautiful and kind women must live!  One of them surely would love to have me as their little girl.  A castle for sure would have a beautiful flower garden and I could pick flowers every day.  I would give them to the sweet lady that perhaps would let me call her Mama.  Do you think that would work Peyton?  Would she choose to have me as her little girl if I gave her flowers?”

Peyton smiled down at little Jean and put his arm around her.  ” You wouldn’t have to give her flowers to charm her, your beautiful smile would be enough to touch her heart.”

Little Jean smiled big at Peyton’s words and leaned her head against his shoulder as she closed her eyes.  Closed her eyes to dream of her Castle in the sky.

Peyton laid his hand on her little leg and he looked out the window dreaming of having someone who would be delighted to call him their son.  Ryan was looking out the window dreaming of the big mountain that he wanted to climb.  For maybe just maybe if he got close enough to the sky, God would hear his prayers.  God would hear the prayers of a little boy who longed to have a Mom and Dad to hold him tight.

The train continued to chug along as the Conductor felt tears well up in his eyes.  These children had become so precious to him as he got to know them over the months of their “escapes” from the orphanage.  Little did they know that Miss.Amelia and the others were on to them, and as long as the Conductor kept a eye on them they had given their permission to let them keep riding the train.

As the train rolled along, thoughts rolled around in the Conductor’s mind.  He and his wife had never been able to have children and there were times that their big house on top of the hill would get awfully quiet.  They had been talking over the past months and talking with Miss. Amelia. His sweet wife had joined him on the train many times and she had met the children, quickly falling in love with them.

He smiled as his heart swelled up with love.  Little Jean, you can pick as many flowers as you want, there never will be enough to express all the love we will have for you! Peyton we will make sure your stomach is kept satisfied and it will be such a honor to call you our son!  Ryan, my dear boy, you don’t need to climb a mountain high,  God heard your prayers and I can’t wait to hold you tight!

8 thoughts on “Dreaming on the Train

  1. Heartwarming story with the perfect ending! If only the many, many children that need loving homes could be so fortunate. Let’s pray for their happy endings too! Thank-you!

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