Yes Virginia, There is a Jackalope!

Yes, there is such a thing as Jackalopes, though they are indeed very rare.   Around the age of 11, I was first introduced to Jackalopes.  My future Brother-in-law to be took me out “hunting” for them  in the mountains of Colorado.  Sadly we didn’t find any and I thought that my “dear” Brother-in-Law was pulling one over on me,  but many, many years later I learned the truth!

The reason I didn’t find any Jackalopes in Colorado was because there is only 1 Jackalope in the whole world!  1 very special Jackalope,  and he was seen living in the land of Canada.  The poor thing was living his life on the run.  He was trying to avoid 2 crazy hunters.

Fortunately the hunters had some great wisdom passed along to them in the form of a Mug.  A Mug that reminded them to “Save the Jackalope!”  Once they gained that knowledge,  they were quick to offer the Jackalope a nice, cozy home with one of them.  No longer did the Jackalope need to be on the run.  He was forever safe in his new home in Canada.

That very special Jackalope was the inspiration behind Jaxon, the very special Jackalope that lives at Moonbeam Farm.  One of the characters in “The Odessa Chronicles”.  The book of stories for children of all ages, by Colin and I.  The book that has been and continues to be an exciting journey as it goes through the publication process.

The above story is true, though perhaps embellished a little. I had been friends with Colin and his dear daughter Melanie for a short time, and had learned very quickly about their sharp wit. I figured I would see if perhaps they had ever heard of the famous Jackalopes that are here in the States.  I texted Melanie and asked if they had Jackalopes in Canada.  Her reply came back very fast, ” Yup, we BBQ them!”   That was just the beginning of me learning what kind of wit I was dealing with in having Melanie and Colin as friends of mine.

Yes, the mug did enlighten them that Jackalopes are not for BBQ’ing and yes,  there may be a plush Jackalope in one of their homes.  Oh and also one of them may have a Jackalope T-shirt.  Hey, I had to get the point across about saving them, not eating them, right!

Having that history is what made me think about adding a Jackalope to the story when I first started posting the short stories on my blog.  The story that had originally started with Dewey, the carefree, lazy, cunning cat.

How did the idea of the first story come to my mind?  Well that is another story! I will give you one clue,  when writing the first story I had no intention of it developing into more stories.  I had no idea how the stories would grow!  The first story was just a simple story written for a fun, simple reason.  It is truly surprising of how sometimes we really don’t know what lies around the corner!

jaxon-the-jackelope-moonbeam-farms-8x10-watercolor-on-140lb-saunders-hot-press Credit for the beautiful watercolor painting goes to Jodi Mckinney!  Thank you so much Jodi for your beautiful artwork!




22 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There is a Jackalope!

  1. I have just taken another long walk down memory lane, this time with a Jackalope! Many years ago, in the month of June, I went west to visit a very dear friend of mine living in Wyoming at the time. We went to visit Douglas, Wyoming named “Home of the Jackalope”! There was a celebration for “Jackelope Days”, an experience not to be missed, if it does still continue to this day. At that time, a special hunting license for them was only valid for June 31st. I’m very relieved to hear that Colin is providing a “safe haven” in Canada for the very last one. P.S. Benjamin loves Jodi’s Jaxon picture!

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  2. Neat background! I love jackalopes in your stories andI is reading them. I like how Jaxon has magic powers and how he and Dewey get into such mischief without Odessa’s practical guidance and intelligence.

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