Coffee Shop Thoughts

I was thinking today of all the different ways we encounter people that we don’t know.  At the bus stop, in a coffee shop, on a park bench.  We may see someone every day, but yet not know anything about them, besides the fact that they come to the park or coffee shop.  What follows is a fictional conversation that popped into my head. 

Person 1: “I see you here every day at this same time.  Who are you?  I have seen you glance my way when you think I am not looking.   I can describe your physical features in detail, but I don’t really know you.  Are you happy with your life or sad?  I never see anyone come with you, do you wish to be alone?”

Person 2:  “Here you are again, I see you over there surrounded by a bunch of your chatty friends.  You probably don’t even notice me, sitting here alone.  I see your smile and the gleam in your eye when you laugh.  Even though your smile and laugh are not meant for me, they do help to brighten my day.  I think I would like to get to know you.   What things do you like, besides overpriced Frappuccino’s and Latte’s? ”

Person 1:  “What are you thinking when you look over here?  Would you guess that sometimes I feel lonely even though I am surrounded by a group of chatty friends?  Would you guess that sometimes I wonder who I really am?”

Person 2:  “Who are you?  Do you have days where your smile doesn’t shine?  Do you have days that feel like mine?   Days where the rain falls and I am just trying to make sense of it all?  Would you join me if I asked you to?  I see you sometimes linger at the table after your friends leave and you glance my way.  What would you think if I waved at you to come over?   Would you pretend that you didn’t see,  as you walk out the door?

Person 1:  “Who are you?  I really would like to know.  Here I sit, my friends have gone and I still linger.  You probably would never guess that I can be shy but I can.   Will today be the day that I make myself be brave and approach you?  I always say I will someday, so why not today?  What will you think if I approach you?   Will you smile but yet inwardly sigh, wishing I hadn’t disturbed your peace?”

Person 2:  “I see you sitting there, what are you thinking?   I really could use someone to talk to today.  Are you that person?  Will you come my way if I invite you over?  I have thought about doing this for days now, why not make it today!  I am waving,  please look my way, please don’t turn away.  I don’t want to go back to my empty apartment only to be alone, not today.”

Person 1:  “What?  Oh my!  Are you waving at me?  I look around and see that everyone else has their head down with their faces glued to their computer or phone. I look back again and you are still waving with a smile.  You are motioning me over,  should I go?  Will the conversation be awkward or will we hit it off?  Will you become a friend?  If I don’t go, I may never know.”

Person 2:  “You are coming this way!  My heart is smiling even if my stomach is also churning  Will you become a friend,  someone with who I can share my heart?  You are almost here. Who knows what may develop,  perhaps today is only the start of a friendship from the heart.


13 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Thoughts

  1. I can see this internal monologue happening in the real world under similar circumstances. I don’t tend to be in this sort of situation myself ~ same place, same time, same stranger across the way ~ but I would definitely stop by and say “Hey! How are you today?”

    If they seemed receptive, I’d carry on the conversation. If not, I’d wave and be on my way.

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    • I am not in that situation either of it being the same people, but Yes I think the it could happen in the real world.
      Great that you stop by and say”Hey!” who knows how many people’s hearts you brightened and like you said, if not receptive then you just wave and be on your way. Nothing lost! 🙂


  2. Interesting how you’ve thought about possible dialogues. I meet lots of people in my work through meetings, conferences, on the plane and I generally find it easy to start a conversation. But when I think about a coffee shop scenario, I’m not sure I’d be so bold. I guess I’d be led by body language most times.😀

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