Friday’s Super Short Stories!

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Compromises can create cleverness. 

THOUGHT I would end with a Tongue Twister that I found.  What are your thoughts on this thought? Did it make you wonder again at the thought of  how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick and how much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if he really could chuck wood?  Will these thoughts now be swirling around in your brain today as you try to think of other thoughts?  You are welcome! Have a Fabulous Day!




Embrace the Moment

I woke up to a song in my head again this morning, but this one didn’t create the same feelings that I had yesterday.  This one was brought back happy memories of my childhood, for I remembered hearing my Mom and Dad play this song on a cassette tape that they had.  I remember the music filling the house as I was playing.  I also remember them singing it.  Shows again how you never know the memories that your children are going to remember.

I remember playing it when my children were little., but I hadn’t listened to it in a very long time.  I couldn’t really find a good recording of it, but thought that I would share the lyrics to it.  The lyrics say what I and others have shared on their blogs many times.  Cherish the Moment of Today! We have this MOMENT!  Make the best of it!


Thank you Mom and Dad for the memories!


We Have This Moment

Hold tight to the sound of the music of living,
Happy songs from the laughter of children at play;
Hold my hand as we run through the sweet fragrant meadows,
Making mem’ries of what was today.

Chorus: We have this moment to hold in our hands
and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand;
Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come,
But we have this moment today.

Tiny voice that I hear is my little girl calling,
For Daddy to hear just what she has to say;
And my little son running there by the hillside,
May never be quite like today.

Tender words, gentle touch and a good cup of coffee,
And someone that loves me and wants me to stay;
Hold them near while they’re here and don’t wait for tomorrow,
To look back and wish for today.

Take the blue of the sky and the green of the forest,
And the gold and the brown of the freshly mown hay;
Add the pale shades of spring and the circus of autumn,
And weave you a lovely today.

written by Bill and Gloria Gaither

Even When You Can’t See…


Sometimes life can feel dark.  A moment happens that brings you down and you just can’t seem to shake the mood.  That happened to me today.  All it took was for a song to go through my mind and I remembered why that song used to be special.  I remembered the special friendship that is now fractured and it brought pain.  I want to fix things, but its beyond my ability, not in my control.  I have to learn to let go.  I don’t need to lose hope that someday things might be better, though I know they will never be the same.  I had to remind myself not to despair for the colors are still there even when at the moment I can’t see.


Gradually the fog started lifting in my head.  I began to see the colors and was able to smile as I sent some emails and received some texts.  The colors brightened as I felt the long hug of my daughter.  I  reveled in the light of the joy at watching my teens get along and feeling their love for each other.   I felt the warmth of the sunshine as I stepped outside with my dogs and my heart began to have a golden glow.


I saw the colors that were not visible to me this morning.  I felt the love of my family and friends and I knew.  I knew that even when the colors may be hidden due to the darkness, they are still there.   As a friend told me, even when you can’t see the sun because of the clouds, it still is shining behind them.   My heart is shining with colors once again. 


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  The air is a little more brisk this morning, there is a chill in the air.  The chill does help you wake up quicker when you walk out into it and it makes you more grateful for the shelter of your warm house!  What are you grateful for today?  I am grateful for the changing seasons.  Yes, I may complain when it gets too cold, but I do like the newness that each season brings.  I just hope that we can actually enjoy Fall temps.  That we can  have a break from summer ones, was 80 degrees past this weekend, but not go directly to winter temps!

i am also grateful that its Tuesday and that I get to share quotes with you!  One day that I know what I am going to post and am not just staring at a blank screen.  ENJOY!  There is one more thing!  You know how they say you save the best for last!  It is my Dad’s birthday today!!  So very grateful for my dear Dad and the wonderful influence he has had in my life!  A Dad that I know I can depend on , one who always has my back.  He rejoices with me in my happiness and his heart breaks when mine does.  It hasn’t always been easy being my Dad, but it does have its perks too! 🙂  Happy Birthday Dad, I Love You!

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The Forgotten Umbrella… Part 2

I really wasn’t sure if there was going to be a Part 2, but I knew you all were very curious.  With some inspiration given from a friend I was able to write Part 2.  Once again, my pen took on a mind of its own.  The things it gets me into!  If you missed Part 1, here is the link for it.  The Forgotten Umbrella .

Whoosh!  The wind picked him up and carried him away.  He landed with a thud in a bush.  At least it was a soft bush.  Why had Peter forgotten him?  He had dropped him so suddenly.  His head was still throbbing a little from the fall.   One minute he was doing his best to protect Peter from the heavy rain that was falling and the next he was just dropped and left in the street.  What a nice “Thank You” that was.

He had been with Peter for quite a long time.  From the very beginning of his relationship with Tiffany.   They had  met at a bus stop one morning.  Tiffany was getting all wet so Peter had invited her to come share his umbrella.  That was all it had taken for love to blossom!

He had felt extra proud of himself that day.  Not only was he shielding 2 people from the rain that fell, but he had also helped to ignite the flame of love!  He still remembers how it felt being twirled around when Peter walked home later that day. He enjoyed spinning around, he could tell Peter was happy and that made him happy.

In fact he seemed to recall that Peter missed his bus that day,  he stayed under the umbrella with Tiffany.  Come to think of it he doesn’t remember Tiffany getting on the bus either.  He remembers them walking to a coffee shop where he laid under the table as they chatted away.

Oh what a special day that had turned out to be.  The rain had stopped falling and the sun had come out in all its bright array.  They had went to the park after the coffee shop and he had been laid on the park bench as Peter pushed Tiffany on the swing. Every now and then she would tilt her head back as she looked up into Peter’s green eyes and he would bend down and …..well that’s when this umbrella knew to hide his eyes.  He would at times steal a glance though and smile.  All was right with his world.

They had many outings to the park after that.  He always accompanied them rain or shine.  For he had more uses then just protecting  them from the rain.  They would sit on the park bench with their heads together and he would be fully open.   Then they would tilt him at just the right angle as they…….. Oh he believes that he definitely became brighter red at those times.

One day went into the next and time just seemed to fly.  He remembers going to the store and Tiffany picking out a matching umbrella so that they would both have one for when they were apart.  He remembers sometimes they would take both of them when they went to the park or out on their nightly stroll.  He had enjoyed having a friend along and getting to know her. They both did their be there for Tiffany and Peter in any way that they could.

Tiffany and Peter learned that having 2 umbrellas could come in handy on their outings.  Having 2 umbrellas fully opened and just tilted the right way provided even more privacy as they…..  He remembers how he and his friend would smile at each other as they protected Tiffany and Peter from prying eyes.

The memory came flooding back of the  first time that he felt  his friend rub up against him when they both were fully open, but that’s another story.   He could still feel the tingling sensation that went through him.  Oh  he can feel himself turning redder.

Back to Peter, where did he go in such a hurry?  Why did he forget his longtime friend?

They were standing in the rain when coming out of the mall and Tiffany was kicking herself for forgetting her umbrella.  She wondered if there was any chance that it still was in the street.  Quickly  Vada and her walked to where she had left it.   A little lift came to her heart when she saw that indeed the umbrella was still there.  She quickly dashed into the street to get it.  It wasn’t just any umbrella, it had been with her for a long time.  It held many  special memories.

On the way back home Tiffany dropped Vada off at a friend’s house.  She needed some time to think.  If Peter was here, why hadn’t he told her that he was back when she talked to him this morning?

She pulled into the driveway and was shocked to see Peter’s umbrella sticking out of the rose bush!  Her pulse quickened, was Peter home?  She grabbed the umbrella and ran into the house.  The quietness that welcomed her was deafening.  She sighed as she put both umbrellas out on the porch to dry off some, now that the sun was shining.  She opened them fully and placed  them side by side.

The doorbell rang shortly after she was home.  It was Peter!  He explained everything.  He had planned on surprising her earlier today.  He thought he had his business deal all wrapped up.  The night before he had a received a phone call that there might be a problem with his deal and he had spent all night worrying about it.  That morning he had received another phone call confirming the serious oversight that he had missed.  So he spent all day trying to fix it.  He was very tired but still so glad to be home.  Seeing Tiffany  made his heart flutter, she still was the girl of his dreams!

Tiffany poured them some drinks and they went out to sit on their  porch swing.  That is when Peter noticed his umbrella.  ” How did you find my umbrella, I was so mad at myself for forgetting it!”  Tiffany then shared her story about forgetting her umbrella as well.  She had no idea how his had ended up in their Rose Bush.

Peter smiled as he looked at the umbrellas side by side.  “Do you ever wonder at the stories our umbrellas could tell if they could talk?  We have so many memories shared with them, don’t we? ”   Tiffany’s face glowed as she looked at Peter.  ” You are so right! Wouldn’t that be so magical if they could speak.  But what do you say about us making some magic of our own?”  With that that their lips gently touched and Peter took her hand as they walked inside their home.

The sun beamed down as the color of the umbrellas became even brighter and a very sharp eye may have noticed them move together just a little more closer.








A Smiley Sunday!

03f1b59537e28ec88c7b7fc0c6b51f37 You can’t look at this and not crack a smile, right?  What is the owl thinking?


fcd0e42eece152d9ceb7244e00d43602  No, this is not photo shopped, it is truly a pink waterfall in a real park in a real Country.  Any guesses as to where you can see these beautiful Falls?


4055a67ee25ebc01c2af02a9766089b0   Wouldn’t this be so pretty to walk through!  It is the Autumn Gingko Tree Tunnel in Tokyo, Japan. 

373642600c7b7b80c814b9e4337b2860  I have always loved Puffins.  I remember doing a report on them when I was in Junior High.  Don’t ask me what other reports I did, but I remember the Puffin one. 🙂 

e4da09857d57f22e88f36c6b1075fb8c Hmmm… Wonder what they are discussing? 

467491857cc93d874d2a04bb84d7e3fe  They call it “Puffin Love!” 🙂

Happy Sunday!  Keep Smiling!!


The Call of the Nightingale

Trying a little something different.  Most of the day my mind was blank as far as ideas go for a post.  It was while I was running errands and shoe shopping tonight  that this idea came to me.  I got a blog post idea and found a pair of shoes to buy.  I need to go shoe shopping more often when I need a blog post idea.  Trust me, finding a pair of shoes that fit my very small feet is no easy task!

So though the hour is late, here is a story that some of you helped create.  You just never know what will appear on my blog.  Thank you to those who unknowingly helped provide inspiration and I hope all of you enjoy!

This story is specifically for those who are still looking for love!  I wasn’t planning on writing on this subject but apparently my pen had other plans.  This describes how I felt as I was waiting for love to find me back many, many years ago.

The Call of the Nightingale

The Nightingale, ,  awakened me from my dream.   The mating call of the lonely “bachelor” Nightingale filled my heart with empathy.  I gazed upon the full moon,  as I wondered if love would ever find me.    Did I have even an element of chance?

Would I ever feel,  how it felt to be hopelessly twitterpatted?   Was there anyone between the earth and sky whose heart would beat for me? Would there ever be a last time for my lonely nights?

The Nightingale kept singing as i kept dreaming of the day love would find me.  Morning would come,  more birds would sing and the sun would continue to  shine.  I knew not when True Love would be mine and I didn’t know much about this life of mine,  but there was  one thing I knew for sure.  I knew no matter how long I had to wait, my motto of life would stay the same.  I would keep seizing the day!  Carpe Diem would rule!   I wasn’t going to waste time while waiting for my Mate, I had too much living to do.


Friday’s Not So Short Story….

71xnju7g2bfl-_sl1200_Yesterday I wrote a post asking what your first impressions were when you looked at this stuffed cat.  Thank you to everyone for your comments.  It was fun to read what you thought about it and what you believed the story behind it may be.  There was actually one reader who came very close to the true story!

This cat belongs to a very dear friend of mine,  and it is very special to her and her family.  She had told me the other night that when we share a nursing home together, she will fight me if I try to take the cat!  How I can probably never fully comprehend what the cat  has meant to them.

The cat’s name is Dewey, but no, he doesn’t look anything like Dewey in the stories about the gang at Moonbeam Farm.

I have mentioned in posts before about the battle that my dear friend was having with cancer.  One day when my heart was heavy for him and his dear family I wrote a story about Dewey and Jaxon going to their house to spread some comfort.  It wasn’t your typical Moonbeam Farm story, but it was on my heart.  I knew that Dewey and Jaxon had big hearts and I wanted to portray that.

My friends were very touched by the story.  They had been big fans of Dewey and his friends from the very beginning and very excited when I said how Colin and I were putting their stories into a book.  Pat started spreading the word to his nurses right away  about the coming book.

One day we were going to go visit Pat and Sherry and I wanted to take something to help make them smile.  I wanted something unique and different.  The story that I had written popped into my head and I thought about  finding  an adorable stuffed cat for them.  I would tell them that Dewey  had come to stay with them.  I had a couple hours to go to the store, how hard could it be to find a stuffed cat?

Well, I was wrong, I could not find a stuffed cat that appealed to me anywhere.  There were some real tiny ones, but they were hard, not cuddly.  I was shaking my head thinking of a Plan B, as I was running out of time.  I walked into one more store and there was “Dewey” , the cat that you see above!  I picked him up, he was definitely soft and huggable, but….!!   First of all this was supposed to be “Dewey” a boy cat and this cat didn’t really look like a boy to me.  Second,  I really wasn’t planning on getting a cat with flowers all over it!  This was not at all how I had imagined Dewey to look when I wrote about him.  This cat was for a grown adult, not a little child.  I put it back on the shelf and walked away.

I walked out of the store and then walked back in for there was something that had drawn me to ” Dewey”, it was his big smile!  Dewey was a happy, carefree cat and this cat definitely displayed that feeling.   How could you not smile when looking at this ridiculous cat!  Isn’t that what I wanted?  I wanted something that would make my friends smile, when their hearts were wracked with pain!

I bought it and laughed at my husband’s expression when he saw it!  I informed him that “Dewey” from the stories was a very special, unique cat  and hey how much more unique can you get than this stuffed cat??

When we arrived at Pat and Sherry’s  my confidence about the cat was beginning to fade.  What would they think?  I kept it hidden in its package for awhile.  It wasn’t until we were ready to leave that I remembered it and I presented Sherry with “Dewey”.  We all left with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts.  I believe she was thinking that her dear friend had lost her mind!

We weren’t far down the road before I got a text.  It was a picture from Sherry.  A picture of Pat holding Dewey with a smug grin on his face.  The caption read, ” Pat cat-napped Dewey from me!”   I smiled, as that confident feeling had come back again.

Dewey became more special than any of us would have imagined.  He was with Pat just about all the time! He traveled with  him when he would go into the hospital for treatments.  The nurses would get  a kick out of  Dewey.  Can you just imagine the sight of a grown man carrying “Dewey” in his arms and having him on his bed beside him!

When I couldn’t be with Sherry and she was having a rough day,  she would text that she was hugging Dewey.  The only problem was that most of the time Dewey was with Pat, and Pat wouldn’t always share.  I talked to Jaxon and he was eager to go and be there for the family too, so off he went.   Well for those of you that know Odessa,  you can believe that she was adamant about joining her friends as well, so off she flew.

Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa were always in view when visitors would come in and out of Pat and Sherry’s house,  and they would make the visitor’s hurting hearts smile too.

Dewey was right by Pat’s head when he took his last breath.

Imaginary characters in a book?  No….Love has made them real!

You never know where miracles may hide!



What Do You See?


A different kind of post today.  This came to my mind today when I was thinking again of a conversation that I had with a dear friend last night. 

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at this cat?  What descriptive words do you have for it?  Don’t be shy, be honest!  How does it make you feel when you look at it?

Is there a story behind this picture?  Well there is a story behind all my pictures, isn’t there.  🙂   Is there a true story behind this picture?   YES!  I will share it, but at first I would love to hear your comments.  Your first impressions.  Would you purchase this cat if you saw it in the store or would you say,  ” No Way!”  

Share below and another post will tell the story behind the ………. “how would you fill in the blank?” Cat!

The Forgotten Umbrella


He heard his phone ringing in his pocket.  Who could be calling him, he had just talked to Tiffany this morning.   He was ready to get in out of the rain and have a nice large cup of coffee to clear his brain.  What had he got himself into these past couple days?

“Hello!… What did you say?…..WHAT!!!! Are you serious???  Whaa…..How do I….Yes, I am com…”  Click!   The dial tone beeped loudly in his ear.  His mind was whirling., as his heart filled with dread….How could…..?? He didn’t even know how to form a complete sentence.   What he did know is that the car horns were honking as he was standing in the middle of the street!

Quickly Peter hailed a taxi and hopped in as he tried to wrap his mind around the phone call that he had just received.  It was only after he paid the driver and went to get out of the taxi into the pouring rain, that it hit him.   The realization that he had left his red umbrella in the middle of the street!


A Mom and her 5 year old daughter,  Vada were crossing the street.  Vada was chattering away to her about the fun day she had playing with Stacy.  “I am so glad that you 2 get along so well, we will have to….”  Vada’s Mom stopped in mid conversation,  Was that….No, it couldn’t be!  What was her husband doing getting into a taxi!  He was supposed to be away on a business trip.   “Mommy, Mommy”, Vada was tugging on her arm, and Tiffany was trying to clear her brain.

Tiffany numbly walked through the mall with Vada.  She finally took a seat in the middle of the mall where there were a couple fun little rides for kids.  They only cost a quarter.  Tiffany usually limited the amount of rides that Vada could have, but today she just kept feeding in the quarters.   Why was Peter here?  Why was he getting into a taxi?  Did he not go on that business trip?  The questions went around and around her mind.

It wasn’t until she ran out of quarters and they walked out of the mall that she realized she had dropped her red umbrella when she saw Peter.  She wondered if it was still there, in the middle of the street.