Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The last day of October is here!  Where is time going so fast?  The clock keeps ticking and the days keep passing.   May you make the most of what time gives you.  Spread some love, spread some laughter.  Touch others with your smiles, thoughts, actions and words.  Go make it a wonderful last day of October!

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  5. Famous Mother Teresa Quotes-If you judge people, you have no time to love them
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  10.  65fb2f4ae71a1ec39f713d9ff9a034f2  I know this doesn’t quite fit with the other more serious quotes today but when I saw it I had to share it.  We always can use some “Awh” moments!  ❤


10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I live 3 and 5. Sometimes I find you can teach someone something how to do something but they’ll want to do it their way until they realize how more difficult their way is . And I’ve been on both ends of this situation. You can’t make someone believe always, or think if they choose not to. Experience is sometimes the best teacher.

    Also mother Theresa, the best quotes, not wasting your time hating or judging b/c it’s better to show love and understanding. Better for you and them : )

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  2. In fairness to the fools, and in the interest of not judging them (also 3 and 5), change is happening so much faster than ever before. It takes a lot more mental effort to avoid being a fool. People get conned because they feel so helpless and adrift, they desperately want to believe in magic wands to turn back time.

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