The Alphabet Game

I was thinking about the Alphabet today and yes,  I know,  what a thing to think about.  It had to do with one of my short stories on Friday.  The one about how if Plan A,B,C,D ……don’t work there still are lots of letters until you get to Z.  Don’t give up, you have plenty of time!

While thinking,  a memory flashed in my mind of when my teenagers were little and we would go on walks.  A lot of times I would start our little Alphabet game.  The one that I am sure some of you have done before.   In the game you pretend that you are going on a trip and you are making your list beginning with the letter “A”.  The first person would name something starting with the letter “A”.  Then the 2nd person repeats what the first person said and they name something with the letter B;  it continues on until you get to Z.  This game was always guaranteed to bring laughter!  We took  all sorts of creative things on those “trips” and it helped us sharpen our memory skills.

Thinking of the Alphabet also made me think of  Jinx and Jangle, our favorite wacky elves.  What do you think they would take along on a trip with them?  They hope to be leaving for a trip to the North Pole pretty soon,  for they really want to get their own team of reindeer this year!  Do you think it is possible?

It also made me think of  when I was a child and we would go on long road trips.  My sister and I would try to beat each other in another version of  The Alphabet Game.  You would read signs to find letters.  The first person who got the whole way through the alphabet won! My parents would join in too at times.  The letter “Q” and “Z” were always the hardest ones to find.  “R”  was a pretty easy letter,  for there were signs for Rest Stops all the time and “X” was never a problem due to the “Exit” signs.

What wasn’t fair was when there were more signs on the opposite side of the road from where you were sitting.  That is when you would stretch over your sister to get a closer look at the signs!  Do you have memories of playing the Alphabet Game or other games in your car?  When we would drive close to Zoo’s, Z was suddenly easy to find.

Zoo’s make me think of animals of course.  What is your favorite animal that begins with the letter “A”?   Can you think of one?  Of course the letter “Z” is an easy one for the name of an animal.  Which makes me think of the movie “Racing Stripes”.  That  was a family favorite for awhile.  It really is a cute movie, how could you not fall in love with the precious Zebra.  I also never knew that flies could have so much personality!

Personality makes me think of personality traits.  Which ones can you name that begin with A,B or C ?  Or you can get extra credit if you can think of ones that start with the letters Q,  X or Z!

Before the night gets later and ” ZZZzzz”   land draws near I think I will bring this post to an end.  Feel free to leave an answer to any of the questions in this post in the comments below.  Have a wonderful rest of your day and hoped you enjoyed this little spontaneous Alphabet Game.




13 thoughts on “The Alphabet Game

  1. That’s a lot of letters to think about. I never played the alphabet game, hadn’t heard of it. Maybe because we only went on a couple road trips. There also aren’t a lot of signs in WY. We did play a license plate game.

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  2. The alphabet game was always part of family road trips while I was growing up, we loved it! Benjamin, at 3 1/2 yrs. of age, is very alphabet oriented. One of his favorite DVD’s is the Sesame Street Elmo “Love to Learn” which has a segment called “The Amazing Alphabet Race”. He runs all over my house trying to find the letters just like Elmo, so funny! Thank-you for sharing more alphabet fun!

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  3. All right, I’ll bite on A to Z personality traits — amiable, benevolent, creative, decisive, extroverted, friendly, gregarious, honest, insightful, jealous, kind, loving, motherly, nice, overbearing, prim, quiet, rambunctious, shrewd, talkative, unruly, vivacious, willful, xenophobic, yammering, zealous 🙂

    A fun post! (I’m not sure if yammering counts, but there are plenty of people who do it all the time, and I couldn’t think of any other Y words.)

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