Daily Prompt: Identity

via Daily Prompt: Identity

Identity!  How do you view yourself?  Who are you?  I found it interesting that this word came up today as a prompt.  My friend Colin is running a little test on his blog right now. Taking you on a little journey of self discovery.    Here is a link to Part 1 where he explains it in more detail.

Who are you? (Part 1)

Head on over to his blog and see what its all about.  I think you will have fun as your curiosity is sparked and who knows what you may find out.


a18f57386300a1ede3796eef858c1b51This would be why I am never bored and why sometimes I may “smack my head” as well.  “Smacking my head’ ,  because of the fact that whatever  may be sparking  my curiosity at the moment isn’t being  solved fast enough. 🙂

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