Stealing the Spotlight!


Yes, I know, its an Owl again!  But….. its Odessa and she loves to pose and has a mind of her own, so what can I say! 🙂


Well Dewey wasn’t about to let Odessa have the spotlight!  Odessa wasn’t upset for she  knew what would happen soon, so she just patiently waited. 


Someone fell sound asleep like always!  Now Odessa could shine once more!


Don’t worry about Jaxon, he is here. Remember he can make himself invisible whenever he wants!  So he is here shaking his head at his crazy friends trying to steal the spotlight.   He is glad that at least the Man-Servant and him are  sane!  Than again….about the Man-Servant…… … Hmmm!! 

If you don’t know these crazy characters you can read more about them here Sweet Dreams

13 thoughts on “Stealing the Spotlight!

  1. Odessa is one gorgeous owl and Dewey is one magnificent cat! Always happy to hear from them and Jaxon too. Benjamin is quite smitten with Dewey. I had to convince him that he is the same cat in the story, he knows him from Jodi’s paintings. He loves Jaxon! Thank-you!

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