The Call of the Nightingale

Trying a little something different.  Most of the day my mind was blank as far as ideas go for a post.  It was while I was running errands and shoe shopping tonight  that this idea came to me.  I got a blog post idea and found a pair of shoes to buy.  I need to go shoe shopping more often when I need a blog post idea.  Trust me, finding a pair of shoes that fit my very small feet is no easy task!

So though the hour is late, here is a story that some of you helped create.  You just never know what will appear on my blog.  Thank you to those who unknowingly helped provide inspiration and I hope all of you enjoy!

This story is specifically for those who are still looking for love!  I wasn’t planning on writing on this subject but apparently my pen had other plans.  This describes how I felt as I was waiting for love to find me back many, many years ago.

The Call of the Nightingale

The Nightingale, ,  awakened me from my dream.   The mating call of the lonely “bachelor” Nightingale filled my heart with empathy.  I gazed upon the full moon,  as I wondered if love would ever find me.    Did I have even an element of chance?

Would I ever feel,  how it felt to be hopelessly twitterpatted?   Was there anyone between the earth and sky whose heart would beat for me? Would there ever be a last time for my lonely nights?

The Nightingale kept singing as i kept dreaming of the day love would find me.  Morning would come,  more birds would sing and the sun would continue to  shine.  I knew not when True Love would be mine and I didn’t know much about this life of mine,  but there was  one thing I knew for sure.  I knew no matter how long I had to wait, my motto of life would stay the same.  I would keep seizing the day!  Carpe Diem would rule!   I wasn’t going to waste time while waiting for my Mate, I had too much living to do.


25 thoughts on “The Call of the Nightingale

  1. Beyond FANTABULOUS!! I read this 3 times, each a bit differently: #1 read just your words from beginning to end, #2 clicked all of the links and read just them and finally, #3 I reread the entire post, yours with each link as one harmonious post. I must admit that my computer challenged brain and fingers experienced a wee amount of navigating errors going back and forth on #3! An amazing tour of some blogs that I’ve never visited and a couple that I have (Hi Jodi and Colin). Thank-you for this enchanting post! Now, please excuse me while I add #4, going on a return visit to each of the new to me blogs. P.S. I am envious of tiny feet! P.P.S. Have I ever mentioned my propensity for loquacity?

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