A Smiley Sunday!

03f1b59537e28ec88c7b7fc0c6b51f37 You can’t look at this and not crack a smile, right?  What is the owl thinking?


fcd0e42eece152d9ceb7244e00d43602  No, this is not photo shopped, it is truly a pink waterfall in a real park in a real Country.  Any guesses as to where you can see these beautiful Falls?


4055a67ee25ebc01c2af02a9766089b0   Wouldn’t this be so pretty to walk through!  It is the Autumn Gingko Tree Tunnel in Tokyo, Japan. 

373642600c7b7b80c814b9e4337b2860  I have always loved Puffins.  I remember doing a report on them when I was in Junior High.  Don’t ask me what other reports I did, but I remember the Puffin one. 🙂 

e4da09857d57f22e88f36c6b1075fb8c Hmmm… Wonder what they are discussing? 

467491857cc93d874d2a04bb84d7e3fe  They call it “Puffin Love!” 🙂

Happy Sunday!  Keep Smiling!!


31 thoughts on “A Smiley Sunday!

  1. OMG I LOVE that first photo? painting? Which is it? I would love to paint that? Do you know the source?
    And I Adore your play on the good ole’ Donny and Marie Puppy Love song with Puffins!!! ❤

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  2. I cheated . . . but I won’t tell where the Pink Waterfall is located.

    I did find this tidbit: “During periods of abnormally heavy rain, however, the waters are stirred up with a sediment called argolite, which emits a pink colour when light is reflected on it. The result is a pink waterfall that collects into a reservoir of the same colour.”

    Like you, I love Puffins!

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  3. Just a warning…proceed with caution! My propensity for loquacity is reaching an all time high! PUFFINS!! I am going to share the most fantabulous experience ever. In Maine there is a colony of Puffins that was reestablished by the Nat’l Audubon Society on Eastern Egg Rock. This is the southernmost nesting area of Puffins in all of North America. But wait, here is the best part! There are Puffin watching cruises by Cap’n Fish’s that leave from Boothbay Harbor going to Eastern Egg Rock. Amazing, breathtaking and not to be missed!! It is a Puffin lovers dream come true! You and your tiny feet must go, however, they won’t begin again until the Puffins return in June. P.S. Should I ever go to Japan I hope to walk through this Autumn Gingko Tree Tunnel. P.P.S. I think that is Odessa’s Mother!

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    • Oh Wow!! I just told Brad that we need to go to Maine! They would be so awesome to see! Thank you for your loquacity in.telling me those details! Yes my feet Will definitely need to take me there. 🙂


    • Oh Ellen, you don’t know how happy you made me! Now just to be able to wait until June. 🙂
      My hubby was sitting next to me on the couch and I patted his leg several times saying Guess What! Guess what! We are going to go to Maine!! LOL!


      • YOU will love this! I was so delighted when I saw the Puffin pictures on this post. So glad to be able to share this with you. We visit Maine often, it is a quick day trip from R.I. and we go in different seasons. A fantabulous vacation awaits you!

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  4. Hi pink waterfall fans, it is my understanding that these falls (Cameron Falls, Alberta) are usually clear… as per regular water falls, so don’t go spending lots of time and money just to see them, UNLESS the weather forecast is for rain. Apparently the pink color (which can go to a deep red) is sediment that is agitated after a storm when the flow of water dramatically increases.

    Link below may be of interest:


    Canada is a wonderful country and the scenery can be quite magical, but even magic has its rational explanations. 🙂

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