What Do You See?


A different kind of post today.  This came to my mind today when I was thinking again of a conversation that I had with a dear friend last night. 

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you look at this cat?  What descriptive words do you have for it?  Don’t be shy, be honest!  How does it make you feel when you look at it?

Is there a story behind this picture?  Well there is a story behind all my pictures, isn’t there.  🙂   Is there a true story behind this picture?   YES!  I will share it, but at first I would love to hear your comments.  Your first impressions.  Would you purchase this cat if you saw it in the store or would you say,  ” No Way!”  

Share below and another post will tell the story behind the ………. “how would you fill in the blank?” Cat!

33 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Looks like you got it from your Grandmothers attic and it should smell like moth balls. Plus indicates you have somewhat horrible taste when it comes to picking out a stuffed animal.

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  2. I should like to think that this kitty was stitched together from the remnants of a much loved article of clothing by the loving hands of a devoted Mother or Grandmother. That it has and will continue to be passed through the generations. Benjamin just sees a happy kitty because of her smile!

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      • I have been sewing since I was 8 years old. I began on my Gram’s old Singer treadle machine, before she let me use the electric one. Most likely because my Mother was quite sure that I would sew over my fingers. My dear Gram also attempted to teach me the fine art of needle point and embroidery…without much reward for her patient efforts. Knitting and crocheting were also attempted by the dear soul with questionable results. Sewing was her only area of triumph with me and I have been forever grateful. To answer your question: Yes, I sew! Have I mentioned my propensity for loquacity?

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      • LOL!! Yes, you may have mentioned your propensity for loquacity! One of the wonderful things about you! 🙂
        Very cool at being able to sew and learning it from your dear Gram! I was a hopeless case with any kind of sewing. I did do latch hook 🙂 I believe that is the easiest kind of “sewing” there is.


  3. Cute kitty! Looks like something my daughter would give to her small dog for a chew toy, to be honest, but I agree with the guess that it was made from a favorite piece of clothing.

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