The Forgotten Umbrella


He heard his phone ringing in his pocket.  Who could be calling him, he had just talked to Tiffany this morning.   He was ready to get in out of the rain and have a nice large cup of coffee to clear his brain.  What had he got himself into these past couple days?

“Hello!… What did you say?…..WHAT!!!! Are you serious???  Whaa…..How do I….Yes, I am com…”  Click!   The dial tone beeped loudly in his ear.  His mind was whirling., as his heart filled with dread….How could…..?? He didn’t even know how to form a complete sentence.   What he did know is that the car horns were honking as he was standing in the middle of the street!

Quickly Peter hailed a taxi and hopped in as he tried to wrap his mind around the phone call that he had just received.  It was only after he paid the driver and went to get out of the taxi into the pouring rain, that it hit him.   The realization that he had left his red umbrella in the middle of the street!


A Mom and her 5 year old daughter,  Vada were crossing the street.  Vada was chattering away to her about the fun day she had playing with Stacy.  “I am so glad that you 2 get along so well, we will have to….”  Vada’s Mom stopped in mid conversation,  Was that….No, it couldn’t be!  What was her husband doing getting into a taxi!  He was supposed to be away on a business trip.   “Mommy, Mommy”, Vada was tugging on her arm, and Tiffany was trying to clear her brain.

Tiffany numbly walked through the mall with Vada.  She finally took a seat in the middle of the mall where there were a couple fun little rides for kids.  They only cost a quarter.  Tiffany usually limited the amount of rides that Vada could have, but today she just kept feeding in the quarters.   Why was Peter here?  Why was he getting into a taxi?  Did he not go on that business trip?  The questions went around and around her mind.

It wasn’t until she ran out of quarters and they walked out of the mall that she realized she had dropped her red umbrella when she saw Peter.  She wondered if it was still there, in the middle of the street.





25 thoughts on “The Forgotten Umbrella

  1. What a tease you are! This is so intriguing! I read it twice, and I am very curious! Will you tell us more? Good job C! What is Peter up to? Who called him? Why didn’t Tiffany call Peter if she thought it was him? Hmmmm…. and the correlation of the red umbrella. You really did a great job here C! Quite the cliffhanger….

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  2. Already ensnared in your web of mystery! What a marvelous picture to accompany the story too. You always find the perfect art to add visual interest to the tales. I’ll attempt to be patient as I wait for this tale to unfold. Thank-you!

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