Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  The sky was a beautiful pinkish color this morning.  Gave my sleepy eyes a smile to start the day.   I hope your day is filled with many smiles, and don’t keep them to yourself, feel free to pass them on.  You never know there could be that one person that really needs one of your beautiful smiles to help lift their heart.  Have a great day! May these quotes bring a smile to your heart as well.



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11,  A special bonus for today!  Since we are talking about passing on smiles, I want to share the wonderful news of a sweet blogger friend of mine.  Jodi has been blogging with me from the very  beginning. We took a WordPress Writing Course together and 3 years later here we are. 🙂  Who would have known of the sweet friendship that would develop. Once again, I have to say that has been the biggest rewards from blogging.  The friends that I have made!  They have brought so many SMILES Into my life!

Jodi does beautiful watercolor paintings and she has created a fun Children’s book with watercolor paintings of animals and silly rhymes to go with them. The book will definitely bring a smile to your face!  Share it with a child that you know so that they can smile too!






18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Tremendous Tuesday’s Thoughts! My favorites this week are #2 and #5. I enjoyed learning about your history with Jodi. I am always in awe of the community of bloggers, generous with praise and so supportive of each other. It is very sweet and kind of you to promote her book, which is dear to my heart. Thank-you for a fantabulous post!

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    • Sooo good to hear from you again Ellen! Missed you! Thank you for youe sweet words, glad my post made you smile! 🙂
      #2 has been a long-time favorite of mine and #5 is a good one for me to remember. Time is a gift, we can’t get it back!
      I love using some of that time in this community of bloggers. The readers and the bloggers are all wonderful, like you said!
      I loved seeing the picture of Benjamin in Jodi’s post, he looked so happy! It was my pleasure to share about her book.


      • The photo of Benjamin was taken on the day that he received Jodi’s book and he was over the moon! I wandered into your blog through Jodi’s and then into Colin’s from yours. My meandering was fortunate blog hopping for me. Thank-you for your kind words, it is nice to know that I was missed. I have a propensity for loquacity that you generously endure. Thank-you!

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      • So glad that you found my blog through Jodi’s and then found Colin’s through mine! Its been a fun adventure getting to know both of them! And I will always gladly endure your “propensity for loquacity” 🙂 You make me smile! Have a Fantabulous Day! 🙂


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