Sweet Dreams

The Moon was shining down on the farm and all were asleep.  All except Odessa, that is, for she was out hunting for food.  While she hunted the others dreamed.

Dewey was dreaming about breakfast.  A much more pleasant dream than the one that he had the night before.  He had been dreaming  about his ride on “The Big Wheel”!  Oh that day would always be in his memory, the day when he surely thought that he would lose all of his 9 lives!  For a cat whose favorite things were eating and sleeping,  he sure did have a knack for getting himself into crazy situations!

What wonderful adventures he and his friends have had.  Yes, some were scary, but many of them were fun.  He had never  dreamed that his best friends would include  a magical Jackalope, and a witty Barn Owl, along with a crazy Man-servant.  But they did, and he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Oh the fun adventures that they had.  Especially the ones where there was much laughter, usually due to playing a joke on the Man-servant.  Dewey smiled in his sleep as another memory flashed in his mind.   What was that, another idea was forming in his mind.

Jaxon was dreaming about his magic powers.  He wondered if the day would come when he could perfect his magic powers and do some bigger things.  He dreamed about the day that he tried to make Dewey fly.  That sure had turned out to be an interesting day!  You never knew what could happen when you lived on Moonbeam Farm.

Jaxon was so glad that he had found such great friends and a wonderful place to live.  His friends definitely kept life exciting!  He loved that he could use his magic powers to make his friends be able to communicate with each other.  Dewey and him still got many laughs whenever Odessa and the Man-servant would get into it with their words.  Hmm…that gave Jaxon an idea, and he smiled as he drifted back to sleep.

The Man-servant had been  dreaming about the day when they all found out that they were going to be in a book.  So exciting!  He knew that it was a lot of work to write a book, so he would keep patiently waiting.  He knew Carolyn and Colin were hard at work, and that progress was being made.

Patience  was no problem for him!  He needed large doses of it sometimes in dealing with Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon;  they all could be so tricky,  but what amazing friends they were!  He was sly as well and had his times of winning, where he managed to get one over on them.  He smiled to himself as he thought about the Rooftop incident.  There was also the time that the cupboard door which held Dewey’s  food  would not open for some mysterious reason.

He smiled at all the adventures that they have had.  His friends could definitely create a lot of mischief, but they could give him sweet surprises as well.  He still remembered the wonderful sight of all the different colored balloons that they had tied to his tractor.  It was fun releasing them into the sky and watching them fly.  Who knows where the wind would take them as they soared up high in the sky.  Who knows what the next adventure in store for them may be!

The many memories of past adventures kept coming.  The time that Odessa tried to tell him how to ride a bike and what the end result of that was!  The surprise of his Cardboard Cake  and the surprise of some ” thoughtful” gifts that Dewey and Jaxon had given him.  Their surprise when they got thrown into the pile of leaves!  The many times that Odessa’s sharp wit left him speechless and fumbling for words.

He shook his head,  what a life he had!  He wouldn’t trade it for anything,  but now he better get back to sleeping.  Dewey may be peacefully sleeping now,  but when he woke up  for breakfast the Man-servant needed to  be ready.  Dewey wasn’t as strong in the “Patience” department yet as the Man-servant was.

The stars were out and the night was still as once again all were asleep at Moonbeam Farm.



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