The Empty Chair


The chair remains empty as it stands still.

Someone should be going to work today, but their desk remains untouched.  Someone should be going to school today and chatting with their friends, but their seat in the classroom remains empty.

A deep sadness echoes from the family portrait hanging on the wall.   No one knew  that it would be the last one taken.  The bike stands in the garage waiting for its rider who didn’t know that they had taken their last ride.  The little Tyrannosaurus Rex stands on top of the mound of sand in the sandbox.  His days of conquering mountains are over.

There is a  gift wrapped box that will never be opened.  There is a  wedding dress that will never be worn. 

The faithful dog watches for the return of  his Master to come down the road.  His eyes never waver as they stare,  not realizing that this time his Master won’t be coming home.

The cat lets out a pitiful cry as it longs to curl its body up against its human’s feet.

Someone will never go to their first dance or have their first kiss.  Someone will never graduate and celebrate. 

A little boy will go to bed without his Mother’s kiss and a little girl will no longer ride on the shoulders of her Daddy.

Once more lives have been cut short by the shooting of a madman’s gun.  Once more we look to the sky and cry out, “Why!” as our thoughts swirl about like the  clouds. 

My thoughts and prayers  go out to the family and friends of the victim’s of last night’s mass shooting, which is now beings called America’s deadliest mass shooting yet!  My heart has no words! 



29 thoughts on “The Empty Chair

  1. Sadly, all too often we look up to the sky and ask “Why?”… as if God orchestrated it. He didn’t! We have to accept responsibility for the world that we have created and, more specifically, the country that we have created. A democratic system may not be perfect, but at least it is intended to reflect the wishes and the values of the people. It is those wishes and values which need some serious contemplation. Today’s Post by Tales from the Ranch is very relevant.

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  2. Thoughts swirling like clouds indeed. Until America collectively demands affirmative action on the issue of assault weapons and mental health, we will see this same scenario happen again. As always, your accompanying artwork is exquisite even on a sad occasion like today.

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    • I agree and why we can’t agree on affirmative action when all this horror surrounds us boggles my mind! Thank you for our thoughts.
      My heart was heavy about the shooting and I wasn’t sure how to write about it, and then I saw this picture and the empty chair cried out to me.

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