Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  For some reason I keep thinking its later in the week than what it really is.  I thought yesterday was Wednesday!  What can I say, I am like a confused chameleon.  You will understand what that means when  you read the quotes. 🙂  Whatever day it is in your mind, I hope you have a great one!

I do want to give a update on my friend’s precious baby!  I had shared about him a few weeks ago.  He was born with some major heart problems.  They have done 2 heart surgeries on him already and the Doctors feel great about how well he is doing.   He is continuing to be one strong fighter.  Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts of him,  keep them coming.  Baby Billy continues to be such an alert baby.  He has such tender eyes,  he is sending out his messages of love!  May we send out messages of love today as well,  and make others smile!  Hope these quotes bring a smile to your face!



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The Silent Cries!

Do we  hear the silent cries?

As I noted in Saturday’s post,  the High School  that my kids attend  has had trouble lately.  There was a shooting threat on Friday.  Parents were pulling their kids out of the school and the football game scheduled for that night was cancelled,  due to the threats of violence at the game.

It made me angry that someone can threaten the safety of my kids,  the safety of everyone.  It made me angry,  but it also  makes me very sad.  For what is going on inside the person who is threatening this violence.  What is in their heart?   What pain must they  feel if they  want to shoot up a whole school?  We hear the threats,  but what about the things that aren’t being said.  The silent cries of the heart.

Do we hear the cries?  The cries of the A+ student and beauty queen.  Oh it must be so nice to be them and have everything going for them.  What a life they are living,  wish I had it that easy.

We don’t see them behind the bedroom door.  We don’t see the cuts of the knife hidden beneath their clothes.  We see their pasted on smile that is hiding a thousand tears.

What about the star athlete who is on their way to winning a scholarship.  We smile and pat them on the back thinking all is well.  No one knows the truth behind the bandage on their arm.  The story behind their 2nd degree burn,  a burn they gave themselves due to all the pain hidden inside of them.

There are hurting people all around us, do we hear their cries?

Emotional pain affects the young and the old, but right now I am specifically thinking of the young people in our society.  One out of every 12 teenagers engage in self harm, which usually consists of cutting or burning themselves! One in 12! That statistic turns my stomach.

These kids are hurting so badly that they inflict pain on themselves, to try to forget the inner pain that they are dealing with!  They also do it to see if they still feel.  Sometimes they are hurting so badly that they turn off their emotions.  Self-harming becomes  a test to them.  A test to see if they really do have any feelings left,  or have they become as numb as a machine.

42% of teens will try drugs! 78% of teens have engaged in underage drinking!   These statistics are sickening as well!  These are recent statistics for American teens, I don’t know how other countries would compare. Would be interesting to know.

The signs are all around, teens are hurting!  We can debate about guns all we want and yes I do have a stance on where I stand on gun control, BUT….the facts are this.  No matter where you stand on gun control,  that is not the main problem.  The problem is having young people that have such strong emotions or pain and anger built up inside that the only solutions they see are shooting innocent people!  Or hurting themselves in anyway they can.  Anything to make them forget their pain.

Do we hear their silent cries?  The voice deep inside them that doesn’t know how to explain their pain.

The school is calling a meeting tomorrow night on how to deal with the threats of violence, but I am curious,  will anyone raise the question on how to help our hurting teenagers?  Will anyone be a voice for the many silent cries?


Don’t Wait!

I have been blessed lately by receiving encouraging  video clips of the great and wise  Leo Buscalgia,  from another wise friend of mine.  If you have never heard Leo’s speeches, look him up on YouTube.  He has so many good, thought provoking things to say.  He  spreads his wisdom in a captivating, easy to understand way!

This short video clip that I am including in this post is about  4 simple words.  The Time is Now!

Don’t live in the past dwelling on the things you should have or could have done.  For what good does that do?  This is the present and the Time is Now!  Now is the time to show your love,  the time to forgive,  the time to heal.  Now is the time to not let another minute go by where you don’t send that note,  or  tell someone what they mean to you. Now is the Time to Live!  As Leo says, now is the time to wear that dress,  to buy those flowers….now is the time, don’t wait until tomorrow!  Now is the Time to Dance!

River of Peace

A beautiful Summer (oops, guess its Fall) day.  Perfect weather for a boatride! Perfect day to forget about the chaos from yesterday.  A peaceful river to flood my heart amidst the waves of uncertainty.  Waves of not knowing the future of the Highschool that my teens go too 

Fights have been breaking out every day and yesterday there was a shooting threat made!  So tired of the fact that my kids can’t go to school without fear!  It’s so WRONG for the world to be this way!  

For now though I will soon be getting on the boat with my dear family and wonderful friend Sherry.  

Now is the time to embrace peace and let go of worries that I can’t contol! To not let fear dominate! Now is the time for peace!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sweet. Sticky S’mores on a September’s night……Aah!! (if only!),,,,,  (My dear friend Sherry, was sending me pics last night of her roasting S’mores!  Too bad that I couldn’t grab them out of the picture!)

Two heads better than One….Hmm… Depends what heads are involved….The risk of mischief being multiplied is Real!

Inquisitiveness Ignites Imagination!

I am adding on a little something extra today.  For fun I had put this question on my Facebook page  and  people guessed pretty accurately.  Feel free to see if you can guess, BUT…don’t forget to put down what thing would entice YOU into a trap! 🙂 May your Friday be a FUN start to a Fun, Wonderful Week-end!





Daily Prompt: Peculiar

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar

Oh the things that come to my mind when I think  about this word.  Peculiar things happen to me all the time.  Remember I am the one who has things jump out at her vehicle causing little dents and scrapes.   The vehicle with the invisible magnet on it.

I went from being far sighted in both eyes to being near sighted in one and far sighted in the other.  Peculiar?   Perhaps a little,  but I like it.  It balances me out. 🙂  I have a Eye Dr. appointment this morning.  Will be off the computer for awhile due to my eyes being dilated and it messing up your vision until the dilation wears off.  That is the only thing that I do not like about going to the Eye Dr.

The last time I went my dear husband saw that someone sent me a text.   My phone was lying on the counter.  He knew I couldn’t read it to respond, so he thought he would be helpful, considering that he knew who sent the text.  He texted them back for me.  You can imagine what the text said.  Let’s just say that yes I DO have a romantic husband,  you read about him in a recent post of mine, BUT…he does have a crazy sense of humor as well!  He is married to me,  he needs to have it! LOL!  He will be at work today, so I am sorry, if you text me you won’t have him to respond to you!

In the comment section below name something peculiar about yourself.  What is something peculiar that you have seen?

Years ago we saw a white porcupine in our neighbor’s yard.  That was definitely something that we didn’t see every day!

Here are some things that came up when I typed “Peculiar” in the search bar on the Pinterest site.  What do you think? d1ddc88eb5e0e442a8f2b56e54daf957

893684fccf257d401ce009fbdb9f689d                           822ce6cf76890ba77accdc4cd190105d  What peculiar pictures may you have.  Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Here are some new words for you,  or perhaps you already have heard of them.  They came up when I did a search for Peculiar words.

I think you are:  b9505a2c4076fd5d93d3d15a5fff9829

53a1032aaf9fe2ad5f93178c9278b843I like this! A little more fancy than the word “Babble” 🙂  How would you use it in a sentence?

Have a Totally Terrific Thursday!  May it just have enough peculiarity in it to set it apart and make it special from any other day!





























































Where Hearts Meet


“In the shade where the Cottonwood and Maple Trees meet, so shall we.”

She had left before sunrise that morning,  hardly getting any sleep the night before due to the excitement surging through her.  The goosebumps were real, as she felt the fluttering in her heart.  This really was happening ,  no longer would they just be in her dreams.  No longer would she look out her window at night sending wishes into the moonlight.  This really was happening,  the day was here,  she would finally get to meet the ones that she held so dear!

When she was on the plane her mind went back in time,  how did this day get to be?  She should have been sleeping,  but the wheels of her brain kept turning.   Looking out the window, memories surrounded and enfolded  her, just like the pure white, fluffy clouds.

On the plane she would travel many miles to see people that had only been part of her life for a short while.  They may not have been in her life long,  but they were in to stay.  Imagining life without them now, she couldn’t do.  They had added so much laughter to her life and she knew on them that she could depend.  Depend on for strength,  and when needing nuggets of wisdom shared.   She had opened her heart and now to her they were a cherished part.  They had shared much,  even though they had never touched.

Physically they had never touched,  but they had deeply touched her with their compassion, kindness and love.  They had touched her more than others who countless times she had seen.  For they had touched her with the part that is unseen,  the most beautiful part;  they had touched her with their hearts.

“In the shade where the Cottonwood and Maple trees meet,  so shall we.”  She had read the letter once more as she walked down the dirt road.  She had parked her rental car a little distance away for she wanted to stretch her legs.  Stretch her legs and take some breaths as he heart started  to beat fast.

They would soon meet, the time was almost here.   Under the trees in a specially chosen quiet spot.   She was glad for the private spot as her eyes already were beginning to mist.  Tears from her eyes may soon fall,  due to a joyful, overflowing heart.

Their paths were about to meet.  Tight hugs would be physically felt and smiles and gleams in the eyes would be seen.

What can compare to the bond of friendship that is shared?  No sweeter picnic under those trees had there been,  than the picnic of hearts intertwined with a friendship divine.





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  How is the beginning of your week going?  Have you dared to step out on a branch and try something new?  I have in a way and am eagerly waiting to see what happens.  Trying to have the patience to wait,  as a lot of you know,  suspense and I don’t have the most patient relationship! 🙂

If you are waiting on something,  may these quotes give you something to smile about as you wait.  Maybe they will make you contemplate some things as well!   Enjoy and have a great day,  find a reason to be happy about today!

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Love Thy Neighbor

Today marks 16 years since 9/11!  It is a day that is forever etched in our hearts and minds.  I wanted to pay tribute to today by celebrating the way the world came together on that horrible day!  There were so many acts of compassion and kindness,  racial tensions were forgotten for a period of time.

I feel that when we remember 9/11 we need to remember how we all came together, united in helping each other.  If we were able to overlook our differences back then, why can’t we overlook them now?   Do we really need another massive tragedy to happen in order for our hearts to wake up about what is really important in life?

One can’t forget 9/11,  but unfortunately it seems we can forget too easily about having hearts of compassion and kindness.  Once again we have let our differences divide us, which is a tragedy in itself!  Open your eyes again America,  look at each other like we did on 9/11.  Look at your fellow human beings with clear eyes of of compassion and love, not through clouded eyes of judgment and hatred!

I was looking for an encouraging but brief story to symbolize the acts of compassion and love that happened on 9/11.  The following story popped up in YouTube as I was browsing  and I had to smile. This was a story that I had not remembered hearing and wanted to share.  Not only was it a perfect example of what I was looking for,  but I also enjoyed the story because  I  know some very kind and compassionate Canadians. 🙂

On 9/11 a horrific act of terrorism showed us what hatred can lead to.  But  it also showed us what can happen when one chooses to love thy neighbor! Which is exactly what we should do.   Enjoy this video clip.


Sunday Laughs

Woke up at 3am with a headache and stiff neck.   Still have it, but making it through, thankful for heating pads.  The poor people in Florida are dealing with much worse!  Thoughts and prayers are going out to them!

So I am keeping it light today,  smiles  and laughter can be a great pain reliever, eh! Welcome to another edition of “What are they thinking?”   I will post some animal pictures and you can choose 1 or more to comment on.  Don’t be shy, I know I have creative readers!  What do you think they are thinking.  I may also have some thrown in where you don’t have to guess.  Who knows, its a “Anything Goes Sunday”!   If you have a picture you want to share for a smile, feel free to,  doesn’t have to be an animal.  Anything Goes. 🙂









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