Days Gone By

I saw you in the park,  you were walking and laughing as the wind blew through your wavy black hair.  I saw you in a photograph, loved the bright smile that  graced your face.  As I looked into your brown eyes I saw the reflection of days gone by.

I saw you in my mind as memories like waves kept rolling in.  The good times we shared, they are all there.  Stored like a treasure in a special part created in my heart.

I hear your laughter and words that you said come back to me, beckoning me to remember.   Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that you were near and other times as if it was longer than forever.

I walk where we walked and I feel your presence,  hovering like a shadow.  I look for you, but you are gone and my heart sighs.

Never may we walk side by side again, for things have changed.  Things change but my memories will always remain the same.  When feeling wistful and longing for the past, I reach into my treasured  vault and pull a memory out.  I can smile as I remember the days gone by,  but I also can let go!




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