Imaginary or Real?


Whoa!! What was happening!  How was her house turning into an ocean?  One moment she is admiring her painting that she just had framed,  and the next moment she is trying her best to swim in a  gown!

She hears the birds overhead,  they looked exactly like the ones that she had painted.  Her painting had become real and she had stepped or she guesses she should say “swam” into it!

The water felt refreshing after she got used to it.  This is so very cool, she thought to herself!  The birds kept squawking overhead, as she wondered what they were saying. The ocean seemed to stretch on endlessly, so beautiful! Oh she could swim and float all day, forgetting her worries.

It didn’t take too long though until she began to tire and then she began to get a little worried.  How would she swim out of her picture, she never did paint land?

What kind of crazy predicament did she get herself into this time!  She turned on her back to float for awhile and closed her eyes.

Oh the water felt so very soft…… wait a minute …she was dry!  She wasn’t in the ocean anymore, she was on her couch.   Had everything just been a dream or did her picture really become real for a moment in time.  She didn’t know what to believe,  but she was thinking that her next painting may be of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!  A smile crept over her face.  Oh the places she could go!  Exciting adventures may await her!


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