Messages of Love….Part 3

Here is a link to Part 2….Messages of Love…Part 2

Madeline was tired, it had been a long ride home from the beach.

She decided to make it a early night tonight, but thought she would read a little bit before bed.  Often she would read until her eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.  She had been reading a book of poetry that she had recently bought. 

Madeline enjoyed poetry and had been led to this book by its beautiful cover.  It was so peaceful to see the reflection of the shining moon in the lake.   Right now she was grateful for anything in her life that brought her a peaceful feeling.  It didn’t take long for her eyelids to start feeling heavy.  She laid the book down on the nightstand by her bed and turned off the lamp.  Another night, alone in the dark.

A tear trickled down her cheek again as she automatically reached out to lay her leg on top of Drew’s. There was nothing there.  Only cold empty space, no warm body to cuddle against.  She couldn’t pull his arm around her and snuggle in against his warm chest, feeling protected and safe.  She sighed, she wouldn’t cry this time, but she fell sleep with a prayer on her lips.  A prayer that Drew  would find his way back to her again.  That he wouldn’t keep using work as an escape.  They needed to walk hand in hand through this difficult journey, not alone!


Drew was reading on the couch in his motel suite.  He never had really been into poetry, but Madeline kept telling him how poetry could speak to your heart, so he thought he would give it a try.   He needed something that would speak to him.  Not knowing any specific titles to look for, he had  browsed through the Poetry books online.  One book stood out to him, it was called. “Just Thinking”.  He was captivated by the picture on the cover and so he bought it.

 He had seen the picture of the shining moon and thought of Connor’s favorite book , “Goodnight Moon”.  They would read it every night as Connor’s bedtime story.  Connor would allow Drew to read other books as well, but he always had to end with the  “Goodnight Moon” book.  When Drew saw that moon shining down on the shimmering lake it made him feel closer to Connor.

The poems inside were heartfelt and drew him in. It was like the author was putting some of Drew’s emotions into words.  His broken emotions.  The ones that he had trouble putting into words himself.  Drew knew what he had to do.  He made his decision, called his boss and packed his bags,  before he could change his mind.

Drew was out early on the beach the next morning, he wanted to see the sunrise.  Nothing so beautiful as watching the sun rising over the ocean.  The start of a new day.  He sat on his beach chair and gazed at the beauty, taking time to breathe.

He felt the weight of his awful sadness begin to lift, as he listened to the waves and watched the sun gradually grow brighter.  He felt strength begin to build in him. Yes, it would be a long journey through this dark tunnel that he and Madeline were walking through right now, but they needed to walk through it together.  He continued to stare as he let the roar of the waves speak to his soul.   Sometimes there were no words, you just had to let the waves speak.


The doorbell rang making Madeline jump.   It was 10pm at night, who would be at the door now?   Fear struck through her at first, but she felt led to to go check who it was.  She turned on her porch light and looked out the window.  Gasping when she saw who it was and she fumbled as she tried to unlock the door.

They stared into each other’s eyes. They saw pain, but they also saw love and within minutes they were in each others arms.  Drew started to apologize for not standing up to his boss right away,  for leaving as an escape.  Madeline took her hand and put her fingers on his lips telling him to be quiet.

 “ You are here now,  you are holding me now, that’s what counts, yesterday is gone!   Tonight you are here, back where you belong.”  She took his face into her hands and their tears mingled as they kissed under the twinkling of the stars and as they let love speak.





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