Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I hope that everyone woke up with a smile on their face.  Though I can’t say that I exactly have a smile on my face when waking up,  I am more like squinting my eyes, trying to get adjusted to the bright light.  Are you still squinting trying to get adjusted to the  morning?  Its a new day,  who knows what adventures may be in store!  I hope that these quotes help to wake you up and put a smile in your heart!



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24 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. The first quote is awesome! I love that one. But I also like the fish one about getting better if he gets away. Maybe I’m reading it wrong but this fish needs a vacation, however, I have other personal matters to deal with before I can do this in November. It’s why I couldnt vacation this summer either so I’m crossing my fingers that this event goes well and that next year I can do a couple vacations. One at least, where I can lie by the pool and relax and drink a Margarita or two. Thank goodness for my BFF’s and that I have them and ladies nights we can just laugh and let loose.

    Great quotes as usual 🙂

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