Messages of Love

I tried something new.  Not sure what gave me the idea, but then again not sure what gives me half the ideas that I come up with!  My husband finds that a hard question to answer as well.   No more comments needed!

Anyway I have written a story which is old and new.  If you have been a follower of mine for awhile you may recognize some parts of this story that I am going to share with you.

I promise you that as you read there will be parts that are new.  This is only Part 1.


Messages of Love

 It was a lovely Fall day as Wendy and her Mom went shopping at the store. Wendy wasn’t really interested in shopping, for Mommy  had told her that she wouldn’t be buying any toys today!   Wendy  dragged along beside her Mom with a big pout on her  face.   Her eyes were cast down looking  at the floor, but then the smell of something sweet caught her attention and made her look up.   Wendy  was excited to see a table full of  freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and there was a lady behind the table handing them out!  Urgently she tugged on her Mommy’s arm. “Please Mommy, please!  Can I please have a cookie?”  Her Mom smiled at her and said,   “Oh how quickly your frown has turned upside down, sure you can have one!” 

Wendy’s smile grew even bigger when the lady not only handed her a cookie, but a purple balloon as well.  Today was turning out to be a great day after all, thought Wendy!

As they walked out of the store her Mommy  told her to hang on tight to the balloon, for it was windy.  Wendy tried, but to her disappointment the balloon freed itself from her tight fist and sailed away, high up into the sky!  Tears started to fall down her cheeks, but her Mom quickly soothed her as they walked back in to get another balloon.  This time her Mom held the balloon on the way to the car.

As they drove away Wendy said, “Mommy where do you think my balloon went?” The Mom responded by saying , “I don’t know how far the wind will carry it, but maybe it will go  to another little boy or girl, making them smile.”   Wendy smiled to herself at that thought; holding on tight to her special  purple balloon.


A few miles away Madeline was sitting in her backyard, on her son’s swing.  She would make the swing go every now and then,  but was mostly only sitting there as memories of her son rolled down her face.  She buried her face in the soft, stuffed toy that she was holding.  It had been her son’s favorite stuffed animal.  A Jackalope!  All of  his friends had envied him, for none of them had a Jackalope.  It was truly a unique and magical animal.

Connor loved that Jackalope and  pretty much carried him wherever he went.  They had many adventures together.  Connor had been her ray of sunshine.  She felt like the clouds had permanently blotted out the sun the day that Connor died.

A few moments later, she jumped as something lightly touched her shoulder.  She looked up as a purple balloon slowly fell into her lap.  Looking up further into the sky she looked for more balloons but the sky was clear, no more were in sight.  A lone balloon flying all by itself.  Almost like it was sent from heaven, just for her. 

Gazing at the balloon, she had to smile, for purple was Connor’s favorite color!   She smiled at the memory of his laughter, as he played with a dozen purple balloons that had come in a BIG Balloon Bouquet from his grandparents for his birthday.

Grabbing the string from the balloon in one hand and the Jackalope in the other she walked back into the house, thankful for the little reminder of her son’s smile.  She set the balloon free in the house;  feeling Connor’s love floating around her just like the balloon.


 Months had gone by and the  pain was still strong.  Madeline was missing her little Connor so much that it hurt to breathe.  Sometimes it felt like all her breath was being squeezed out of her and that all she could do was cry.  Would her eyes ever run dry? 

She was headed for the beach in a few hours.  The beach had always been a favorite place of hers to go.  The waves spoke peace to her as they rolled in towards the shore.  The smell of the salty sea air and the sight of sea gulls flying filled her heart with a sense of contentment.  The ocean was magical.   It made her able to breathe,  she would be able to feel the air filling her lungs once again.   Oh the simple pleasure of breathing,  how she had easily taken it for granted before.

As she stared out the window waiting for the taxi  to arrive,  her mind retreated  back to that horrible day.  A day etched in her heart forever, like a tattoo.  A day that she would never forget. 



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