She Danced….


The sky was dark, but she heard the music in her heart and so she danced.

The music would sometimes be hard to hear, at the worst times it would be muted and the silence was deafening to her ears. Times where she couldn’t  even remember how the happy tune used to sound.   When the happy,  melodious tune that was always a welcomed guest appeared now to be a stranger.  Walked out of the door of her heart with no forwarding address.

That wouldn’t stop her though.  She would still feel the pull from the depths of her soul and she would dance anyway.  She may have to make up the tune and it might have a lot of sharps and flats,  but still she danced.  She danced,  believing that the melody she once again would hear.

She danced for she knew her story wasn’t over.  She danced for the dreams that were  still out there waiting to be fulfilled.   She grabbed onto the moonbeam and let herself fly.  She flew through the sky in her dreams.   Letting herself be carried by the wind.  The wind that  would sometimes  mutter and sigh, but other times  would chime,  as she danced on the clouds.

She danced,  even though the nights grew long. and the wind harshly blew.   She danced, because even in the darkness she believed that she still could shine!


This was written for a dear friend of mine.  A friend who inspires me as she  makes her way through  deep grief.  Keep dancing my friend, your story still has many pages to be written upon! Love you!




23 thoughts on “She Danced….

  1. Enchanting that there is a deeper story floating inside of this beautiful story! Healing must come from within ourselves, most times a supportive friend is also beneficial. Thank-you for sharing this gift for your friend.

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