Cherishing the Moments

“Cherish the Moments!”  My dear blogger friend Jodi says this a lot in her blog, it is her motto and its a great one!  I try to remind myself of it often.  These past couple days I have had a reminder of it from good friends of ours who are going through a joyful, bittersweet time.  Your thoughts and prayers would be deeply appreciated by them.

This past Thursday they had a beautiful baby boy named Billy.   Unfortunately their precious baby has severe health problems.  Billy was born with his pulmonary artery not connected to his heart and his heart is on the wrong side.  There is more to it, but I am trying to explain it as simply as possible.  The bottom line is that he will need several surgeries and there is a high mortality rate due to the complexity of this rare condition.  His first surgery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

His parents have known what was coming.  They have shed the tears and they know this is a fight for his life,  but they are cherishing the moments with joy and not with bitterness and questions of what if!  The pictures they have posted and their messages with the pictures are just so heartwarming.   I have fallen in love with this baby already, like so many others have.

He is so alert!  The nurses in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) say he is the strongest fighter in there.  The Dad posted a picture of him holding onto his Mom’s finger for the first time, that picture in itself spoke a 1000 words.

Most Moms get to cuddle with their newborn and hold them tight to their chest once they are born, my friend didn’t get that option.  Billy had to be rushed to the NICU immediately and hooked up to all kinds of equipment.  But there wasn’t a post about complaining that she didn’t get to do that.  There was a post celebrating his birth and then the picture of when she could finally touch him.

They aren’t denying reality in their posts, but they are choosing to focus more on the reality right in front of them at this very second.  The reality that there precious boy is now alive and he is responding to their voices and the sight of them.

He is squeezing their fingers and he is sending a message to the world, ” Look, I am here! I am here and causing hundreds of peoples hearts to melt at the sight of me.  I am here and reminding people to be happy in the very moment that they are in.  To not think about tomorrow and worry about what the next hour or day may bring.  To concentrate on the here and now.  For now I am here.  Here to melt your heart and to bring  unspeakable love.  Now, I am here!  Don’t waste this precious time.  I am here  this minute, this very second, rejoice in loving me.   Now I am here and I love you.  You are my world, you are my everything!  I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy.  Thank you for loving me!!”


22 thoughts on “Cherishing the Moments

  1. Reading this post so full of hope and love brings to mind these words of Maya Angelou…” I want to thank you Lord for life and all that’s in it. Thank you for the day and for the hour and the minute.” Prayers abound for this precious baby boy and his loving parents.

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