Sunday Smiles

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.  I had a very nice afternoon with my former co-workers.  We met in the woods nearby for a picnic, a lovely day for one.  Not too hot.   It was so fun to all be together again,  fun and bittersweet.  We shared laughter remembering some of the fun memories from work. We talked about all our precious kiddos from the Daycare and how we missed  seeing them and seeing each other 5x a week.  It is nice to know that even though we don’t see each other daily anymore that we still can stay connected.  To still have that friendship bond.

Since i had smiles today I thought I would bring you some.  Here are some animal pictures.   Feel free to put a caption to them, you all do a good job at this.  Have fun and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!





“I wish I may, I wish I might”


So many thoughts going through my mind as I sit grasping these pennies tightly in my hand.  “I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Throw a penny,  blow a candle, or wish upon a star.  The ways to make wishes are many by far.  Find a 4 leaf clover, blow on a dandelion, or pull on a wishbone.  Many ways and so very many wishes.

I wish for the grieving ones to feel comforted and for the ones in physical pain to feel relief.  For the ones who feel hopeless to find the courage to keep fighting  on.

I wish for the lonely to find a smile and to know the joy of someone that cares.  I wish for the fearful ones to rise up and stand against their fears.

Every day a million stars are wished upon and a million pennies tossed into a fountain or a well.  But stars are only stars and pennies are only pennies, no magic powers do they themselves  hold. 

The answers don’t lie in a penny or a candle.  The answers to others wishes can lie within ourselves.  Like a burning flame whose light wants to shine!

We can lend our wings to our grieving friend, as they wait for their broken wings to heal.  We can spread hope and encouragement to the ones who are barely holding on.  We can let them know that they are not alone, that someone does indeed care and loves them just the way they are. 

I wish I may, I wish I might, make someone’s star twinkle tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, put a shine to someone’s special coin that is thrown.  Thrown in a well as they perhaps wipe tears from their eyes.  I wish I may, I wish I might, bring  someone hope tonight. 

These are my wishes for this fistful of coins in my hand.  I wish I may, I wish I might, have the flame inside of me shine out  tonight.



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Good Morning!  2nd day of getting back into the early morning school routine.  My short story is , ” I am sleepy :)” I  thought I would do something different today.  I know all of you can be clever with words, I read your blogs.  For my readers who aren’t bloggers,  I know that you still have creativity in you.  How would you answer the following 3 statements?  There are no wrong answers!  Give it a shot, give us all a smile and have a Fun Friday!!

1.  Something that makes me happy is…….

2.   I have never ever………..

3.  The craziest thing I have ever seen or heard is……….



The house is quiet and my dogs are looking at me saying, “What happened, where did our other humans go??”  Today is the first day of school and it blows my mind to think that I am only going to have 2 more years of the “first day of school!”  I have a 10th grader and a Senior this year.  Only 2 more years of having special treats for them when they come home on their first day.  Yes, they may be in High School now,  but they still look forward to their special treats.

I was going through my old journals this morning.  Such a large span of my life is recorded in those journals.  I was able to find the journal from my High School years and read the entry of my first year as a Freshman.  I laughed as I read  at how I wrote that  my first  day was a success because I didn’t get lost!  I laugh because I find it hard to believe that I didn’t get lost the first day!  I am directionally challenged.  Trust me, I am used to getting lost many times.  If I go to one of those corn mazes, my husband comes with me, to make sure I get back out!

Then I read about how “the cute guy smiled at me”,  and “waiting for the phone call or a special note”, seeing if you can spy him in the cafeteria.  I am sure that some of you can identify with what I am talking about!

I read about the summers of my High School years  that I spent as a Camp Counselor.  Wonderful summers they were!  What can be better then spending your summer outdoors in the beauty of the mountains,  having fun with kids, and your peers, and the cute guy staff.

Enjoying campfires,  crazy games,  learning new things, like shooting with a bow and arrow.  How did I do at that?  Hmmm… There was also the crazy songs,  crazy pranks and did I mention the cute guy staff?  Before your imagination goes too far,  I was just friends with the guys.   Were there ones that I wanted to be more than friends with,  are there stories I could tell about trying to get their attention?  Do I read those stories now and shake my head wondering what I was thinking?   Perhaps!  You been there, right?

It  is interesting to look back and see how you viewed the world when you were younger. To wonder what you were thinking when you may have done or said a certain thing.  Of course I still have times now of questioning myself about why I did or said a certain thing!   I guess some things never change.  I do like to think that I am wiser now though, at least about some things!

I also like to think that I have passed on some of my wisdom to my dear children.  The quote I gave them this morning was, “May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference that you can make!”  I told them how they have made a difference in my life!

Whose life have you made a difference in?  I bet there are more lives then you know.  Keep on being you and letting your light shine through! Keep on being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

I think about the teachers that my children will have and I hope that they can have a positive impact on them.  I hope that they can help encourage them to let their light shine through and to be themselves!  This quote from Dr.Seuss I have quoted before, and probably will again.  Sorry, but it is a  favorite of mine!  Believe it and celebrate YOU!


Daily Prompt: Willy-nilly

via Daily Prompt: Willy-nilly

I had to laugh when I saw this as a word prompt!   There is only one thing that comes to my mind when I hear this word and one song!  I am sure that a lot of you are thinking of the same thing.  He is only the World’s Most Popular Bear!!

We are never too old for Winnie the Pooh, right!

Are you feeling “Willy Nilly” this morning?  I will attest to the fact that my brain may have been feeling “Willy Nilly” this morning thanks to some extra help that it was given!  Just maybe you are more like Winnie -The -Pooh then you thought.   Read below and see what you think!

1. You live in a hollow tree trunk and love it.


You’re outdoorsy but crave the comforts of home.


2. Your tumbly is always feeling a bit 11 o’clock-ish.


…And all the other hours of the day too.


3. Kindness is second nature to you. You treat each and every critter with the utmost respect.


Well to quote another Disney movie “every rock, and tree, and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.”


4. You have a tremendous obsession with honey.


It’s not your fault it’s so delicious.


5. You have a thoughtful spot you like to visit.


One can’t just think anywhere.


6. You have a song for any occasion.


…Whether it be during your morning exercises, frolicking around on a windy day, or flying with a balloon to pillage a bee hive’s honey.


7. You’re brave.


Every scary situation is a chance to have a new experience.


8. You see the best in those around you.


Because you hope they see the best in you.


9. You’re generous and giving.


That’s what friends are for, after all!


You’ve read the signs. You know the symptoms. Are you a silly old bear?

Hmmm…. I am thinking that everyone being more like the lovable, Willy-Nilly Silly old Pooh Bear, may just be what this world needs!

And if songs from Winnie- the- Pooh  are going through your mind now,  good! I am not the only one! 🙂



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Well I guess it is almost noon actually! This is why I need a job.  I need to get back into a schedule!  I have a morning routine, its just that when there is no alarm clock bouncing me out of bed,  that morning routine can start at whatever time it is.  2 more days and the alarm clock will come back into my life!

School starts on Thursday and yes my teens wake up to their own alarm clocks, but I still like to get up and be with them as they get ready in the morning.  We usually chat in the living room for a little bit before they have to go their bus stop.  Those chats have changed over time.  I used to be reading Clifford to them before they went out the door, but yeah they have grown out of that a little.  Then they had fun with playing their favorite songs from Youtube as we would wait.  If you have not heard the song, ” What Does The Fox Say?”  you have missed out on so much. 🙂

One thing that has stayed the same, is that they always get a quote from me to start the day with.  I believe they appreciate some more than others.  Hopefully all of you will appreciate the ones here today.   Happy Tuesday and know that I am thankful for all of you making it part of your daily routine to read my blog!

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“Please be Kind!”

As I was reflecting upon what happened in Charlottesville, VA over the week-end,  I was reminded of something that  I wrote many years ago.

First of all for those who don’t live in the States, and may not have heard the news, we had another act of racial violence.  3 people were  killed and many more were  injured due to  senseless violence!

The President can say all he wants about how we need to protect our borders from “violent” refugees, the problem is that he needs to open his eyes to the danger that lies within our borders not outside of them!

With all these thoughts going through my mind, a long ago memory popped in.  Memories have a way of surprising us, don’t they.  I remembered a letter I had written to the President when I was 8 years old.  I had came across it in my journal some months ago,  and had shaken my head at its innocence, now its words came back to me.

I remember being scared when I wrote the letter.  Confused about what was happening in the world.   I had been taught that when one has questions to go to the source for answers.  In my mind the President was in control of the world, so he was the one that I needed to go too.  I strongly believed that he needed  some help.  From my perspective things weren’t looking too good!  I really thought that I could enlighten the President and teach him a thing or two.  I smiled at my boldness.   I told the President that he was making things too complicated, to just please be kind to everyone, and that  sending bombs was not a very nice thing to do.  I emphasized in the letter how I  wanted a chance to  be able to grow up!

I do remember writing another copy and putting it in the mail.  The question would be is did it actually get to the White House?  Hmmm…..  I don’t remember telling my parents about it at all.  I was on a secret mission to save the world.  But if I didn’t tell them about it where did I get the address from?  One more unanswered question in the mystery of life!

I was 8 years old many, many years ago,  but in some ways I still feel like that 8 year old today.  That 8 year old who was scared about what was going on in the world.  The 8 year old who didn’t understand why people had to be so unkind to each other. Who didn’t understand why adults made life so complicated!

Why do we let fear rule our actions?  Fear of those who are different from us.  Why have we forgotten some of the virtues that we are taught very early in life?  The virtues of kindness and respect.  Why can’t we all  just get along?

Dear America, WAKE UP!! In the words of an 8 year old.  “Please be kind!  I still have lots of living to do!”

Behind the Door ( Part 2)

Tara was in shock, how did Mrs.Taylor get in this room without Tara seeing her?  

Mrs.Taylor smiled warmly at Tara as she was sputtering apologies for entering the secret room.  

“Tara, it is Okay, really!  Kristin enjoys scaring her friends, causing them to imagine all sorts of things!  You are safe.  There is no full moon tonight so we won’t be turning into Werewolves and howling at the moon.”

Tara laughed as her heart slowed down.” I don’t understand though, how did you get up here without me seeing you?”

  “Would you believe me if I told you there was a secret passageway? 

“Really?!”  Tara’s eyes grew big, then she saw the mischief in Mrs. Taylor’s eyes and she knew that she had been fooled.  

“I ran up the stairs when your back was turned while you got a drink.  I just ran up here to get something quick.  I see the questions swirling in your head, take a seat and let me explain about this room, if you want me too?”

“Oh yes, please do!”  Tara sat in the cozy armchair and was all ears. 

“Well I like to come up here and think about Bella’s real mother. 

Tara smiled, Bella was their youngest child. An adorable red headed year and a half old.  Tara loved cuddling her in her arms.

 “I wonder what goes through her mind?  Most of all I am so very thankful for the most wonderful selfless gift of love that I can ever imagine!  I pray that her Mom somehow knows how much joy I have inside of me every day because of Bella.

It was a closed adoption, but who knows maybe someday our paths will cross!  Maybe someday I can thank her face to face for her gift of life.”

Tara sat quietly as a stray tear rolled down her cheek.  “Thanks for sharing that with me, Bella is lucky to have you!”

“Oh Thank you my dear!  I guess you could call this my Room of Peace.  When I need a break from the busyness of life I come rock in the Rocking Chair, as I listen to the running water of the fountain.  The kids know not to disturb me when I am in here.”

“I love it! Here Kristin had me so scared to open the door!  I will get her back someday.”  

“You do that! Ahh I found it.”  Mrs.Taylor had been going through a box.  She held up a necklace with half of a heart on it.  “This was a gift from her Mom, I believe her Mom has the other half.  I want to put it in a safer place so that I am sure not to lose it.”

“Tara,  Mom,  Are you up there?  I am ready now Tara, sorry I was late!”

Mrs. Taylor and Tara walked down the stairs.  “What were you 2 doing?”  

Tara winked at Mrs.Taylor, “We just were howling at the moon!”  Tara said. “Wh…What??” asked Kristin

Tara laughed as she went out the door. “Tara, What are you talking about?”

Mrs.Taylor laughed as she waved Bye to the girls.  She was so glad that Tara had come into their lives.  She added a lot of joy!

Later that night Tara laid in her bed thinking.  Thinking how crazy life can be.  How one minute it can seem like its falling apart but eventually  you may sometimes be blessed to see how amazingly things came together.

Tara’s  eyes closed as she held a special necklace in her hand,  half of a heart.

Behind the Door

Were they hiding something?  They were a super nice family,  it couldn’t be anything bad, could it?  Tara was contemplating the suspense over the past month.

The new family had moved to the neighborhood last month and Tara became quick friends with their daughter Kristin, who was the same age.  Kristin was very nice and outgoing, and Tara was glad to know her.  They had a lot of fun whenever they were together, but Tara couldn’t get out of her mind the one thing that Kristin had told her when Tara first came over to her house.  She remembered the conversation like it had just happened yesterday.

Before Tara was able to knock on the door, it had swung open!  Kristin’s mom was standing there.  “HI Tara!  Kristin has been excited for you to come.  Would you like some cookies?  They are fresh out of the oven.”

No one had to ask Tara twice if she wanted cookies.  She loved just about any cookie there was, or cake, pie, or brownies.  Yes, it could be said that she  had a sweet tooth!

Kristin came bobbing down the stairs.  “Hey Tara, come see my room!”  Kristin grabbed some cookies as she grabbed Tara’s hand and led her up the stairs. ” Thanks Mom!’, she yelled as they were climbing the stairs.

“Here is my parent’s room.”  Tara peeked in the door.   It was a nicely decorated room with the soft shade of teal walls.   A vase of roses was on the nightstand.   You could smell the lingering fragrance of the perfume that Kristin’s Mom wore.

“This is my little brother’s room, be careful….”,  “OUCH!”  cried Tara.

“Sorry, was going to tell you to be careful where you step.  His legos are everywhere!”

Down the hall a little further they came across another door.  Kristin stopped in front of it and her face got very serious as she looked directly into Tara’s eyes.  “You must not ever open this door!’  Tara gave her a strange look and said, “Why?”  “I can’t answer that, just please don’t open it!”  Tara looked at her normally  hyper, smiling friend.  All traces of a smile were gone now as she was waiting on Tara to respond.  “Okay, I won’t open it, but…”  Kristin cut her off as she put her arm around her neck, ” Now come see my lovely room!”

Tara sat up in her bed as that memory went away.  Since that time she had  tried not to think  about the mysterious door,  but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get it off her mind.  Why could she not open the door?  What was behind the door?  For a curious person like Tara, this was very hard.  Her curiosity was as strong as her taste for sweets.

She put her head in her hands trying to think,  and she noticed her watch.  OH NO, she was going to be late!  Kristin had called her last night inviting her to come over at 2pm today.  They were going to go shopping.  She better hurry and get ready.

Tara reached the Taylor’s front porch just in time.  Mrs. Taylor opened the door greeting Tara with her lovely smile.  “HI Tara!  Kristin is running late, but she will be here soon.  Make yourself at home as always,  I have to run to the store real quick.”  She walked out the door and then turned back, ”  I almost forgot, there are cookies on the table…. in case you are hungry.”  She winked at Tara as she turned to leave.

Tara smiled as she enjoyed Mrs.Taylor’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.  She made the best cookies.  She was sitting at the table flipping through a magazine when a thought struck her.  She was alone.  What if she was to…??  No, she couldn’t, could she?  She really shouldn’t.  Would a little peek really hurt?  No one would ever know that she had.  She jumped out of the chair.  It was now or never!  Running up the stairs she went to the secret room.

Her palms were starting to sweat and her heart began to thump.  This was crazy, why was she so nervous!  She would just quickly open the door  and then shut it again.  She had to know, her curiosity was killing her!  She slowly turned the knob, she was half expecting it not to turn.  Why wasn’t the door locked?  This was it,  finally the mystery would be solved.  She swung open the door and walked in.  Tara flipped the light switch and gasped as she turned the corner!