A Happy Hammock Day!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I just wanted to give a brief introduction for any readers that might not be familiar yet with Jinx and Jangle.  These 2 are quite the characters.  They are elves with big hearts who  have a knack for getting themselves into crazy situations!  They are currently on  a leave of absence from the North Pole and  living in Hawaii!  They will be back to the North Pole soon and may be able to get their own team of reindeer this time! Enjoy the story and may you have many smiles today!  My dear husband is taking me out for a surprise so I know I will have smiles. Here is a link to the first Jinx and Jangle story.  The Story of Jinx and Jangle

Jinx was laying in a hammock resting his eyes, enjoying the gentle breeze.  Jangle was  out on a bike ride.  He rose early this morning and rode out to the beach to see the  sunrise.

Jinx opened his eyes for he thought he had heard something interrupting his peaceful morning.  Yes, he had.  The answer was riding into the driveway tooting his bike horn.  Jinx had bought that horn for Jangle as a joke, but Jangle loved it.  It didn’t take much for Jangle to be entertained.   He tooted it all the time.  That was one joke that had totally backfired!

“I see the monkey in the middle!”  Jinx stared at Jangle.  ” What are you talking about?  I  am used to you being confused at times, but….tell me Jangle,  how does that mind of yours work?

Jangle paused for a moment and then said, “I thought it would be simple enough for you to understand, but I clearly see that is not the case, so let me explain.  There are 2 trees, one there and one over there.”   Jangle pointed to the 2 trees at either end of the hammock.  “Then there is YOU….in the middle… MONKEY in the middle!”

Jangle smirked at the facial expression Jinx made.  Jinx shook his head and said,  ” I think I will go back to resting!”  He went to turn his back on Jangle but turned a little too far and rolled right out of the hammock and onto the ground.  He could hear Jangle laughing the whole way back to the house.  Jinx was glad that at least the hammock was close to the ground, he didn’t  have that far to fall.   With Jinx and Jangle both being short in stature (for they are elves)  they hadn’t been able to tie the hammock too high up on the tree.

He laid on the ground for a few minutes as he noticed  that the clouds looked extra fluffy today as they drifted by. Cloud watching could be so fun,  of course the hammock was more comfortable then the ground though.

After lunch they were each sitting in their recliners chatting about this and that.  Suddenly Jangle sprung from his chair almost tripping over his feet,   ” I forgot that I had something to give you yesterday.  You know how forgetful I can be at times.  You had a package  come in the mail.”

Jinx’s smile spread to his eyes, as he clapped his hands together.  He loved surprise packages.  He wondered what it possibly could be.  Jangle was only gone for a few minutes.  He came back and walked  over to Jinx’s recliner, smiling big as he laid the package on his lap.  Oh Jinx  couldn’t contain his excitement!  Someone had sent him a special package.  He  tore into the package without even looking at the address of who it was from.  In a matter of seconds  his  excitement had  turned to confusion!

“Hey,  this is the exact same thing that I sent to Snowflake the other day?  I don’t get it, who is this from anyway?”   He looked at the front of the package.  No, it couldn’t be!!  Oh he did not do that, but  the truth was staring at him in black and white.   The package was from him and to him!  Unfortunately the addresses were in his very own handwriting,  he couldn’t deny it!  Instead of addressing the package to Snowflake, he had  sent it to himself!

Jangle was doubled over with laughter as  he quipped. ” I don’t think Snowflake ever got the package my friend! If I had known that you wanted to receive packages so badly I could have sent you one!”  He was laughing hard as he walked back down the hallway.  Laughing so hard that he didn’t see where he was going and ran smack into the door!  Jinx missed seeing it for he was still staring at the package with a befuddled look on his face, oh the crazy things he did when he wasn’t thinking straight!

Jangle came back out  and suggested to Jinx that he should get ready to go out.  “Why, where are we going?”

” I am not sure where all we will go,  but you do have a package to send to Snowflake, don’t you,  so I would say the Post Office will be the first stop.”  With a glint in his eye Jangle turned back around looking at Jinx and said, ” Would you like me to write Snowflake’s address this time?”  Jinx narrowed his eyes at him,  he had a feeling that he wasn’t going to live this one down anytime soon!










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