14 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories

  1. What SHOULD we do with that 1%?? I usually bottle it up and throw it in my dresser drawer.
    My worse moments in life became my best moments once I survived.
    And lastly, how I love to laugh like that – not easy, not easy in this day and age.

    THANKS – these are super short shorts.

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    • You are very welcome! Thanks for your comments!
      That is a good question about what SHOULD we do? That “short story” came out of something light going on that just makes me curious, but there have been the times that I have let the 1% about something serious weigh me down!
      We can learn so much about ourselves from our worst moments can’t we!
      So thankful for the ones that make me laugh so hard…..for in this day and age you REALLY NEED IT!
      Have a great day!

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