“There goes a bird….”


Every time that I sat down today to write a post, I have been distracted.  Either by the phone, doorbell, or a bird flying by.  Are you getting the idea?  Yes, I was easily distracted today, but I have accomplished some things.  Had a nice visit with my Mom this…

“Yes, I am going to the store tonight,  make a list of what you want.”

Sorry, my teenager was asking me a question.

“I need to be home by 6pm tonight Mom” 

That would be my other teenager informing me that her Eye Dr appointment needs to be finished by 6pm tonight.  Apparently I have control of how fast the Doctor works.

Anyway back to what I was saying.  I had a nice, relaxing visit with my Mom this morning and I also got the bottom storage area of my China Closet cleaned out.  I was…

Wait a minute, the timer on the oven is going off. 

Okay, I am back, I didn’t want my supper to suffer the same fate as my Banana Bread did one time.  Lets just say it was a really dark, dark, dark  shade of brown, perhaps a little black.

Back to the China Closet. I got it cleaned out for I was looking for something that I needed.  I unfortunately didn’t find what I wanted, but I found some other things that I had stored in there and forgotten about.  Things that brought back memories, so may have taken a little longer to put away again.

Excuse me the phone is ringing….Telemarketer, never mind! 

“Get ready, we need to leave soon!” 

Sorry, I had to remind my daughter that if she wants to make it out of the Eye Doctor’s office on  time then we can’t be late.  Which means I need to make sure I am ready to go.

So how many times do you get distracted during the day?

Have a great evening and ….. Oh, look at that bird!

25 thoughts on ““There goes a bird….”

  1. This inquisitive mind want to know … where ever did you find this word? I enjoy learning new words, especially ones that I may be able to slip into a conversation should an opportunity arise. I too, find myself more easily distracted these days. I attribute this too my oncoming old age, that seems to have already arrived while my mind was otherwise engaged. I believe that I must suffer from paraprosexia (it sounds like a contagious disease). I neglected to say that this is a thoroughly fantabulous post! Thank-you!

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    • LOL at your inquisitive mind, just like me! You can find anything on Pinterest! All I did was type in distraction in the search bar on the Pinterest site and that picture came up. I was like Well that is cool! 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the post! Have a Fantabulous evening!
      Yes, I do believe it is contagious disease, the cure for it is… Oh there goes that bird again! 🙂


      • I asked each of my three grown children if they knew this word, only one could answer correctly. My son knew it without hesitation, my youngest daughter thought it was a fatal disease and I can not even repeat what my oldest daughter guessed!! I will await the lifesaving cure, my very life is in your hands.

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  2. “Distraction is the only thing that consoles us for our miseries, and yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries.” ~ Blaise Pascal, 17th century French Philosopher.

    (Pascal also noted that “all of man’s problems come from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”)

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