Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! Thought I would pass on a smile first thing! Lucy can always bring a smile! I am tired,  but hey I am able to type, so my brain is slowly getting used to waking up earlier.  Perhaps!  My  dear daughter wore a shirt to school  today that said, “I would rather be sleeping!”  We are doing well though, have had 3 days of school so far and haven’t missed the bus yet! 🙂   Enjoy these quotes and don’t miss the bus of happiness today!



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6. gallery-1452615236-scp-deer I know, its still summer,  but I bet you still smiled! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Tuesday was a rather nondescript day – not the fresh start of the week like Monday, or the hump day like Wednesday, or the long awaited end of the week like Friday, and certainly not the most welcome weekend days of Saturday&Sunday. Only Tuesday was left to languish in obscurity with Thursday. That is until you gave meaning to Tuesday’s existence with “Tuesday’s Thoughts”! Love all of these thoughts today. Tuesday and I Thank-you!!

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